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Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning (T-TEL)
Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning (T-TEL)


Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning (T-TEL) is a Ghanaian not-for-profit organisation which aims to become a leading supplier of educational technical assistance for improving learning outcomes and greater productivity.

T-TEL is now recruiting for the role of a Finance Director with an anticipated start date of 1st December 2022. This position is based in Accra.



Applications are to be submitted electronically before 5pm on Friday, 30 September 2022.


Finance Director


Reports to the Executive Director, Transforming Teaching, Education & Learning (T-TEL).

Line management responsibility for 2 Finance Officers and 1 Finance Assistant currently with potential for team expansion.


The Finance Director leads T-TEL’s finance team, providing strategic budgeting, financial analysis, accounting, and related services as a senior member of the Organization.

He/She will also support the development, maintenance, documentation and implementation of efficient and effective financial processes, policies, systems, and tools.

The Finance Director provides direct support to the Executive Director and T-TEL Senior Management Team to ensure the Organization is on track to meet its key financial benchmarks and donor requirements.

The Finance Director will also work alongside the Executive Director to align resources with strategy and work plans and regularly report to the Board on the Organization’s financial performance and


(Will include but not
limited to-)


• Promote a culture of accountability, high performance, meaningful collaboration, and continuous improvement that values learning, a commitment to quality, and a commitment to the Organization’s mission.

• Demonstrate leadership in collaboration across the Organization.

• Lead in the implementation and management of the Organization’s internal control policies and procedures.

• Ensure all accounting procedures are compliant with IPSAS, the Organization’s financial management manual and any statutory mandated guidelines.

• Monitor and respond to current changes in financial management practices and reporting requirements.

• Support the Executive Director and Senior Management Team (SMT) in fostering a team culture that promotes T-TEL’s organizational culture for all staff working in the finance team.


• Lead in the preparation of the organization’s annual core budget.

• Collaborate with the Operations Director to support the technical team in the preparation and coordination of programme budgets.

• Develop budget monitoring mechanism for both programme and core budgets.

• Collaborate with the Operations Director in the implementation of programme workplans to ensure they align with the budget and provide feedback to Technical Teams.

• Lead in the periodic review and forecast of programme and core budget.

• Monitor programme expenditure and communicate to SMT, any potential issues with regards to invoicing, forecasting, disbursement, accounting, or any other financial concerns.

• Organize monthly programme-finance budget meetings to follow up on spending against component budget and workplans and make revisions as may be required.

• Provide real time financial data for all teams.

• Adapt and respond to funding requirements and guidance including managing donor funds.


• Prepare the monthly analysis and subsequent reporting of operational performance, trends and forecasts and make appropriate recommendations.

• Lead the Preparation of the regular financial reports and semi-annual/annual financial statements for the organization.

• Ensure accuracy, completeness and reliability of financial data when preparing the financial statements or any financial reporting in accordance with the selected General Accepted Accounting Principles including those derived from IPSAS.


• Leads the preparation of quarterly/periodic donor financial reports.

• Develops reporting standards, emphasizing key financial and non-financial metrics to inform decision making.


• Lead the establishment and operationalization of sound financial management, accounting and administrative systems based on principles of accuracy, timeliness, and transparency.

• Monitor the implementation of financial policies and procedures of the organization to ensure adherence to internal controls.

• Coordinate the roll out of new financial policies and/or revision to existing policies by providing Subject Matter Expertise to SMT.

• Work with technical and finance teams to ensure compliance with funder regulations in the implementation of all project/programme activities.

• Conduct expenditure verification and spot checks, periodically, on supporting documentation submitted by technical teams and downstream partners for the implementation of programme activities.

• Lead the operational management of project/programme audits, year-end audit process and ensure managing auditor relationships, as well as maintaining clean audits.

• Lead the implementation of recommendations to audit findings from both internal and external audits.


• Support training and development opportunities for employees within the finance team.

• Provide coaching and feedback to employees within the finance team in accordance with the performance management process and career development framework.

• Provide mentorship and technical training to employees in the finance team in a manner that promotes professional development while maintaining focus on the Organization’s priorities and best practice.

• Organize and facilitate trainings on financial management, financial reporting and internal control for non-finance staff and downstream partners.

• Provide technical assistance as may be required to downstream partners on areas around funds management.


Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Director or the Board.


• Professional qualification in ACCA/ICA/CIMA plus MBA in Finance or any related field with a minimum of 15 years’ experience working in audit, finance, or grants management.

• Experience on ‘’donor funded’’ projects, international non-profit organizations, as well as multinational environments would be desirable.

• Experience with financial analysis, financial reporting, cash flow analysis, budget development and forecasting.

• Strong knowledge in IFRS/IPSAS.

• Strong knowledge in external audit and internal controls.

• Strong knowledge and proficiency in the use of QuickBooks financial software, databases, spreadsheets, including MS Office.

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (oral and written communication) including effective English language communication skills.

• Excellent leadership, managerial and planning skills including the ability to develop complex multifaceted workplans and seeing them through to completion.

• Strong moral compass, personal ethics and integrity.

• Proven experience as a strong manager of people with the ability to develop and motive teams.

• Ability to manage relationships with multiple stakeholders.

• Ability to work in a culturally diverse environment (inclusive, collaborative and respective across diversity of people, disciplines and levels of employees.

• Well-organized, task- and time- oriented, and with close attention to details.

• Independent, ability to use own initiative, ability to be flexible.



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