Kennedy Agyapong Children

Kennedy Agyapong Children
Kennedy Agyapong Children

Kennedy Ohene Agyapon is known to be a Ghanaian Politician and a successful Business man in Ghana. Kennedy Agyapong is one of the influential, strict and truthful politician in Ghana.

The New Patrotic Party (NPP) MP for Assin central has made great impact in his district and the nation. Honorable showing some qualities of a good leader is likely to take the leadership mantle as the President of Ghana some day.

Kennedy Agyapong’s 22 Children

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The Member of Parliament for Assin Central Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is known to have about 22 children with different women. Some of his baby mama’s are unknown to the public and some are known.

Honorable Kennedy Agyapong is known to be married to one Stella Welson Agyapong. Honorable Kennedy accepted that he has 22 children in an interview and went ahead to mention their names.

Names of Kennedy Agyapong Children

In a chronological order, Kennedy Agyapong stated Shannon Agyapong been his first child followed by, Kenneth, Gifty, Annel, Antoinette, Amanda, Geraldine, Christabel, Tracy, Yvonne, Kevin Daniella, Lexi, Kendrick, Kendra, Kendra, Akwasi, Kwame, Akua, Cassandra, Nana Akua and Abigail etc.

Details of Kennedy Agyapong’s Children

Kenneth Takyi Agyapong

Kenneth Takyi Agyapong who is the second child and first son of Honorable Kennedy Agyapong was born in the year 1990.

Kenneth Takyi Agyapong is known to be his dad favorite even though his father stated he doesn’t have a favorite child. His reason was, he doesn’t know which of his children would impress him one day. Due to this reasons he has no favorite child, all his children are his favorite.

In an interview Ken stipulated that he has always looked up to his father Kennedy Agyapong. Kenneth has been seen taken the footsteps of his father which most people think he might become a politician soon.

Takyi is just a true copy of his father Kennedy Agyapong. He was name after his grandfather Kenneth Agyapong JNR. Kenneth lived all his life in the American and completed United State university with a Doctorate degree.

The 32-year-old handsome man with his personal reasons left to Ghana. He came to help his father’s media (Ken city media) and other related Businesses. Kenneth opened up in an interview to have two (2) kids but isn’t married yet.

Kenneth who is also the CO-Founder for Afrochella and also Chief Financial Officer of Culture Management Group.


Yvonne Agyapong

Yvonne who is popularly known on the internet for his excellence performance in some courses that she studied at Union Catholic High School.

She studied four (4) courses (First in math and Spanish, and second in English and Social studies). She was given a Valedictorian award for emerging the overall best student of her batch.

After trending massively on the internet, about 15 universities reached out to her on admission. Yvonne had her favorite university and when they reached out to her on admission, she took them out of the many.

The young talented lady have her ambitions of becoming a superhero. Hence she decided to delve into been a Doctor (Cardiothoracic surgeon or a nurse surgeon). She has always had her priority of helping people, hence not much focused on money.

Amanda Agyapong

The 22-year-old beautiful lady who worked very hard have made her name trending on the internet. She was employed by Google after her service with some company.

Annel Agyapong

Annel who is popularly known on the internet as the prodigal daughter of Honorable Kennedy Agyapong. She dropped out of school several times after his father Kennedy Agyapong spends much money on her education.

It got to a point in time she drop out of school consistently. Due to this the Honorable member get fed up with her daughter. He couldn’t bare the pain again so he allowed her to do whatever she wants to do.

Few months later after Annel came to herself she decided to make it up to her father. Annel knowing how his father cherished education decided to finish her university with good class. Annel graduated with a good class and then sent an apology letter to his father. But she is yet to receive the response of her lovely father Kennedy Agyapong.

Honorable Kennedy Agyapong and his family have tried to keep their children’s vital information from the media. This makes it difficult to delve into their family affairs through the internet.



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