Kennedy Agyapong’s son Kenneth Takyi Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong's son Kenneth Takyi Agyapong
Kennedy Agyapong's son Kenneth Takyi Agyapong

Kenneth Takyi Agyapong who was named after Honorable Kennedy Agyapong’s father was born in year 1990.

The young and energetic handsome guy has twenty-one (21) siblings including himself making twenty-two(22). Kenneth Takyi Agyapong is known to be the second (2nd) born of his lovely father Kennedy Agyapong.

Kennedy Agyapong’s photocopy Kenneth Agyapong who has always looked up to his father has his social media platforms exhibiting his love for been a politician.


Many people are speculating that he might join his influential father’s political party soon.

Many people had the notion that he is the favorite child of his father Kennedy Agyapong. But Kennedy Agyapong emphatically said “he was a victim of favoritism of which he nearly lost his life.” Due to this, he has been careful not to have any of his child been his favorite.

Kenneth Agyapong’s Educational Background

Kenneth lived most of his years schooling abroad in America. Kenneth Agyapong graduated with a Doctorate degree from United State university.


Kenneth Agyapong Career

Kenneth Takyi Agyapong after graduating with a Doctorate Degree decided to join his family in Ghana to mange his lovely father’s Businesses.

Kenneth Takyi Agyapong is currently the manger for Ken city media and also he’s managing other related Businesses for his lovely Father.

Kenneth Agyapong is also known to a CO-Founder of Afrochella. The young man currently is Chief Financial Officer of Culture Management Group.

Kenneth Takyi Agyapong Wife

The 32 year old energetic man Kenneth, is currently a single man. Kenneth is looking for to tie the knot with a woman who would win his heart completely.

Kenneth Takyi Agyapong Children

Kenneth is known to have two(2) kids but their names aren’t known to the public.




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