Land owners in Upper West illegally selling shea trees to entrepreneurs for firewood

Shea trees cut down for firewood
Shea trees cut down for firewood

A group calling itself “Save The Shea Tree Advocacy Movement” has disclosed that, land owners in the Upper West Region of Ghana are illegally selling shea trees to Shea wood entrepreneurs for firewood.

According to the group, there are individuals calling themselves shea wood entrepreneurs who buy the Shea trees from land owners, fell and chop them into firewood and later sell these wood to pito brewers.

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They have uncovered that, this practice is very common in Nandom in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

“What beats our imagination is the fact that these Shea wood entrepreneurs carry out this heinous act in broad day light, and nobody seems to care” They said.

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“In Wa Municipality, women and men, both old and young are competing for the few Shea trees left to fell for charcoal. What has become of our society? Our MMDAs, Assembly members, traditional leaders have not live up to expectations on this issue.” They lamented.

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They added that, the situation is increasing the climate Change in the Upper West Region, hence calling for the govermment and key stakeholders within the area to help save the Shea tree.



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