Lionel Richie Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings & Health

Lionel Richie Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings & Health

Lionel Richie

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Lionel Brockman Richie Jr is a famous and renowned singer producer and songwriter from the United States. His name is Richie Jr. because he was named directly after his father who was also Lionel Richie. Lionel Richie worked with great artistes such as Michael Jackson and has an overwhelming number of songs attributed to his name and career. He is also considered as one of the richest singers in the American music industry. His craft has made feats internationally winning him numerous awards.

Lionel Richie Nationality

Lionel Richie is an American National. He has been a face of American music for several years. He was born in Alabama, United States.

Lionel Richie Age: How old is Lionel Richie?

Lionel Richie was born in Alabama in the United States on 20th June, 1949. He is 73 years old as of 2022. 

Lionel Richie Wife: Who is Lionel Richie’s wife?

Lionel Richie has been married twice. His first wife and partner was Brenda Harvey-Richie. In 1995, he married Diane Alexander.

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Lionel Richie Children

Lionel Richie has 3 Children,  namely;

  1.  Nicole Richie
  2. Sofia Richie
  3. Miles Brockman Richie

Lionel Richie Parents

Lionel Richie was born to Alberta R. Richie (mother) and Lionel Brockman Richie (father) who both resided in Alabama, United States.

Lionel Richie Net Worth

Lionel Richie has a net Worth of $200 million in estimation. He has made this wealth from his career as a musician and singer among the other things he does. Lionel is one of the most successful and richest musicians in the United States.

When did Lionel Richie have a nervous breakdown?

Lionel Richie almost had a nervous breakdown when he was told he could lose his voice due to some health complications he had. He had to undergo surgery to deal with these health challenges.



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