List of Apartment of Ghana’s National Cathedral Project

National Cathedral project
National Cathedral project

The Secretariat of Ghana National Cathedral has disclosed the components of the building to the general public.

In March 2018, the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo unveiled the design for the Cathedral.

The National Cathedral was described as a historic project that will furnish a sacred space and infrastructure for the formal religious activities of the nation, like state funerals and presidential inaugural services.

The Secretariat said the above is the unique difference between the other Cathedrals Ghana has. “It is this national character that distinguishes it from the other Cathedrals in the country.”

The Ghana National Cathedral’s design was birthed by Iconic Architect Sir David Adjaye OBE, and organically anchoring these in world-class programs – including Africa‚Äôs first Museum of the Bible whose development is supervised by Cary Summers, the founding President of the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC.

“We have engaged the very best of Ghana with the very best in the world. The result of the integration of the vision, design, and programming is an iconic infrastructure that provides a sacred space for the nation, attracts pilgrims and tourists, and includes a built-in economic engine for financial sustainability,” the Secretariat stated.


Recently, the Secretariat outlined the structures that made up the project.


The Secretariat publicized that the Cathedral will be a stand-alone building with:

  • 7 floors, comprising 2 basement levels and 5 above levels measuring about 50m.
  • In addition, it has a bell tower, making it the tallest civic building in Accra at 58.5m high, surpassing the Job 600’s 45m.
  • The structure’s interior space will be 86,000m2 being the sanctuary, crypt, and museum.
  • 36,000m2 of outdoor space dedicated to the public gardens, roads, and walkways.



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