List of Churches in Ghana

Congregants of Perez Chapel International 
Congregants of Perez Chapel International 

Ghana as nation is noted to one country with a high percentage of their people be Christians. The question is how many churches can accommodate this huge number of Christians in Ghana. Here are some registered churches in Ghana.

  1. Circle Jesus Divine Healing Church
  2. The Healing Hand of God
  3. The Sacred Cherubimand Seraphim Church of Ghana.
  4. Episcopal Holy Temple and Tabernacle Mission inc.
  5. The Divine Healer’s Church
  6. Pentecostal Christian Church
  7. The Divine Healing Prayer Circle
  8. Galilee Healing Church
  9. The Mystic Brotherhood (Divine Wisdom School )
  10. Holy Trinity Healing Church
  11. Pentecostal Holy Church of Ghana
  12. The Church of Light Mission
  13. The Philadelphia Church (Formerly the Ransome Church of Messiah)
  14. Christ Fellowship Church
  15. Apostolic Church of Ghana, Nungua Accra
  16. The Apostolic Reformed Church of Ghana
  17. Pro, Prah’s Divine Healing andMiracle Ministry (Lifearid Salvation Church)
  18. The Church of Christ (Spiritual Movement)
  19. Cherubim and Seraphim Pentecostal Church of Ghana
  20. The True Church of Christ
  21. The Voice of God Ministry
  22. Christ Revival Church
  23. Apostolic Church of Ghana
  24. Secret Order of the Silent Brotherhood
  25. The House of Prayer
  26. The Church of the Garden of Gethsemane
  27. Pentecostal Church of Ghana
  28. The Church of the Saviour
  29. United Christian Church
  30. The Essenes Messianists Church of Jerusalem Ghana
  31. Holy Church of Messiah
  32. Christ Apostolic Church
  33. The Church of the Lord (Israel)
  34. The Church of Metchizedek
  35. The Inner Temple of Christ
  36. Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim of Mount Zion
  37. The World Key of Christ (Spiritual Movement)
  38. Prayer Circle
  39. Church of Messiah
  40. The Church of the Lord Ghana
  41. The Ghana Christian Church (A New Testament Restoration Church)
  42. The Healing Church of Bethlehem
  43. The Unity Church of Christ
  44. The True Worshippers’ Church (Nokware Asorefo Asore)
  45. Christ Jordan Church
  46. A.Y. Kubinson Revivals
  47. The Holy Church of Christ
  48. The Lord’s Revival Healing Church
  49. The Cherubim and Seraphim Church of Ghana
  50. Eden Revival Church
  51. Twer Nyame(Divine Fellowship)
  52. Holy Circle
  53. St. Anthony Healing Power Church
  54. Divine Mission Church
  55. Church of Gethsemane
  56. Christ Mystical Brother- hood Church
  57. Stu Anthony of Padua Praying Society
  58. Israel’s Hope In Christ Church
  59. The Word of God Temple
  60. Church of Nazareth
  61. Light House Church of Deliverance
  62. Christ Salvation Church
  63. Divine Pentecostal Church
  64. The Voice of Nazarene Inc.
  65. The Word of God Mission
  66. God Is Our Light Church
  67. Nsuaem Christian Church
  68. The New Jerusalem Church of God
  69. Global Evangelical Church
  70. The True Disciples Church
  71. Light house church
  72. Christ Ambassadors Revival
  73. Evangelical Presbyterian Church
  74. The True Apostolic Faith
  75. The Disciples Healing Church
  76. Christ Revelation Church
  77. Divine Church of the Lord
  78. Assembly of Christ Church
  79. Church of Ascension
  80. Jesus Freedom Church
  81. The True Church of Calvary
  82. The Cord Healing Sanctuary
  83. Universal Christian Church
  84. Christ Evangelistic Crusaders
  85. Jesus Disciples Spiritual Church
  86. Christ Deliverance Church
  87. Church of Grace
  88. The Lord of Bethel Temple
  89. The United Church of the Lord
  90. The Twelve Apostles Church
  91. Musama Disco Christo Church
  92. Christ Apostolic Church of Ghana
  93. Memeneda Gyidifo (Saviour Church)
  94. African Faith Tabernacle Church
  95. Ghana Believers’ Church
  96. Church of Pentecost
  97. Nazarene Healing Church
  98. Jesus Garden’ Sanctum Healing and Prayer Circle (Universal Religion of God)
  99. Nuba Divine Healing Church

  100. Ebenezer Healing Church

  101. Action Church

  102. Universal Prayer Group

  103. The Divine Healing Church – of Christ

  104. Perez Chapel International



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