List of Markets in the Volta Region

Mafi-Kumase Market
Mafi-Kumase Market

The Volta Region is one of the 16 Administrative regions of Ghana. It share a border with the Republic of Togo at Aflao.

The region has a total of eighteen (18) Administrative Districts and Municipals.

The newly created Oti region was part of the old Volta Region.


The Volta Region is blessed with numerous markets, marking the region one of best in Ghana.

Below, are list of some Markets in the Volta Region and their location to assist you trade your goods any services.

List of Markets in the Volta Region

1. Hohoe market

2. Kpando market

3. Anfoega market

4. Kpeve market

5. Ho market

6. Kpetoe market

7. Akatsi market

8. Dzodze market

9. Dabala market

10. Denu Market

11. Battor market

12. Adidome market

13. Keta market

14. Anloga market

15. Afife market

16. Aflao market

17. Kisiflui market (Ho West)

18. Logba Alakpiti market

19. Ve Koloenu market

20. Sogakope market

21. Mafi Kumase market

22. Ziope market

23. Waya market

24. Dakpa market

25. Agbozume market

26. Dzemeni market

27. Abor market

28. Anyanui market

29. Juapong market

30. Kpando Torkor Market

31. Tadzewu Market

32. Nyive Market

33. Anyako Market

34. Kpedze Market

35. Zevi Market

36. Mafi Avedo Market

37. Woe Market

38. Wudoaba market

39. Weta market

40. Ehi market

41. Kpoglu market

42. Penyi market

43. Ave-Xevi market

44. Dabala Market

45. Aveyime-Battor Market

46. Volo Market

47. Mepe Market



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