Majority group does not change the hung Parliament – Lawyer Elikplim Lorlornyo Agbemava

Lawyer Elikplim Lorlornyo Agbemava
Lawyer Elikplim Lorlornyo Agbemava

The Lead Counsel at E.L Agbemava Law Office Lawyer Elikplim Lorlornyo Agbemava expresses excitememt towards Ghanaians for their vote pattern in the December 2020 general elections which lead to a hung Parliament.

He siad, a hung parliament in an African democracy is very rare and we must praise ourselves for bringing about this outcome. Above all we thank God because the result of a hung parliament was not by a predetermined agreement by all voters.

He clarifies that, Majority group does not change anything. It does not change the fact that the Party being referred to as the majority group has 137 seats in parliament.


[Full Text]: Rt. Hon. Alban S.K Bagbin’s speech at the first sitting of the 8th Parliament

According to him, the debate over who holds the majority in parliament has taken center stage despite and against all empirical evidence. The National Democratic Congress has One Hundred and Thirty-Seven seats (137), the New Patriotic Party One Hundred and Thirty-Seven (137). There is One (1) Independent candidate.

“With these numbers, why did the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament declare NPP as the “majority group’ and quickly added that he never said they were the “majority caucus”?” He asked.

I haven’t said NPP has a Majority in Parliament – Speaker Alban Bagbin clarifies

Lawyer Elikplim Lorlornyo Agbemava noted that, everything points to one important element in parliament now. Psychological advantage ! Or May be egos. Or worse still an unwillingness on the part of both parties to abide by the rules of fairness and equity in the distribution of rights and privileges in Parliament. As the leader of the NDC in parliament rightly asked the Rt. Hon. Speaker “what do you mean by the majority group”?

“Majority group does not change anything. It does not change the fact that the Party being referred to as the majority group has 137 seats in parliament. On the many issues that are going to be determined back stage, behind the scenes and outside of the chamber there will be no “majority group” and that is where the real business is done. Majority group does not confer any rights and privileges in parliamentary parlance.”

Sam George discloses how NPP MPs were mislead to troop into Parliament as of 4am

“It is clear therefore that the term “majority group” was only coined by the experienced Rt. Hon. Speaker to compensate the NPP superficially for the bruised egos suffered on the 6th of January, 2021. They were wholeheartedly grateful anyway and are content with being something that brings no advantage. We expect that the forced balance of power brought about by the people is not fractured like the way the separation of powers under the constitution has been battered and made blunt for this is our way of taking matters into our own hands to force corruption to leave our body politics. The next 3 months is going to be very critical and interesting.”



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