Mathias Alagbo (Kabila) files to seek re-election as the Volta Regional Youth Organizer of NDC

The incumbent Volta Regional Youth Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mathias Alagbo popularly known as Kabila has filed to seek re-election in the upcoming regional elections.

On Friday, October 14th 2022, the Volta Regional Youth Organizer (RYO) of NDC filled his nomination papers to seek re-election for a second term.

The decision came at the back of his sterling performance as Volta Regional Youth Organizer for last four years which represented his first term.

As the Volta Regional Youth Organizer of the NDC, Comrade Kabila as he is popularly called, brought to bear a new level of dynamism, proactive leadership, determination, hard work ethics, selflessness and confidence building which has obviously catapulted the Volta NDC Youth wing to a new level never before seen in recent memory.

Kabila’s proactive and servant leadership to the Volta Youth wing has undoubtedly makes the NDC a lot more attractive to the youth that it has been in the years before.

Mathias Alagbo (Kabila) Records in Office

According to Mathias Alagbo (Kabila), the following were some of his records in office as NDC Volta Regional Youth Organizer.

“Following his momentous election in 2018, Comrade Kabila sets the ball rolling by working hard to ensure;”

“1. The 18 constituency youth wings under his command were equipped with a jungle motorbikes to enhance the operational capabilities of his youth organisers. This was achieved through collaboration with local partners and support from the national youth wing. Indeed, Volta youth wing was the first to achieve that feat in the country during the period under review.”

“2. He secured five extra motorbikes for some deputy youth organizers and the Regional TEIN Secretariat of the NDC.”

“3. He also worked with the local partners with support from the national youth wing to ensure the benefactor who donated the 18 bikes to the volta Regional Youth wing donated extra 8 motorbikes to the youth wing of the now Oti region.”

“4. Comrade Kabila led Regional youth wing also organized a two day residential capacity building workshop for all the 54 youth organizers in the region to ensure they were equipped with the requisite knowledge and expertise needed for youth mobilisation ahead of the 2020 elections.”

“5. Comrade Kabila led NDC Youth wing adopted innovative measures to beat the NPP government’s deliberate restrictions imposed to limit the NDC’s capacity to organise during the initial face of the covid-19 crises. To this end”

“6. He mobilized tens of thousands of both locally produced and imported facemasks and engaged in free distributions of the masks at homes, market places and other places to keep the party visible and in touch with the masses.”

“7. Comrade Kabila also developed innovative means to keep in touch with our youth and TEIN through seminars, symposiums, virtual meetings etc to keep the image of the party afloat.”

“8. Comrade Kabila led volta youth wing was pivotal in mobilizing the electorates to register and vote during the compilation of a new voters register for the 2020 elections.”

“9. Comrade Kabila inspired and led by example, general resistance mounted against the campaign of intimidation, persecution, harassment and general restrictions imposed by the military and other security forces in the runners up to the 2020 elections.”

“10. Supported many health walks hosted by the various constituency youth wings to keep the NDC visible.”

“11. Ran a joint project with the regional women wing and the national youth wing, to vigorously campaigned in markets, meeting okada riders associations, artisans associations, and other professional bodies across the Volta region and beyond.”

“12. In addition a special radio and TV paid for project was launched during the elections period to educate our electorate in the Ewe language.”

“13. The Youth Wing under Kabila actively attended festivals, funerals, church services amongst others in order to keep the face of the the party through the youth Wing attractive.”

“14. As a communication professional with a second masters degree in Public relations, Comrade Kabila engaged in sustained TV and Radio advocacy for the NDC during, before and after the 2020 general elections.”

“15. Comrade Kabila, builds and sustain a vibrant social media presence to market the NDC brand expose the ills of the NPP government.”

“16. As a memeber of the National Executive Committee of the NDC, comrade Kabila provides a robust representation often working with other stakeholders to safeguard the interest of the Youth at all times.”

“17. He actively advocates for the development of the youth through scholarship for Higher education. Job placements and business support to young entrepreneurs.”

He explained that, with these and many more interventions made by him, he surely deserves a second term to ensure the Volta Youth wing continue to experience the injection of more dynamism, energy, proactive leadership and thus position the youth of the region to return the NDC to power in the must win 2024 general elections.


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