Meet Akraba Nana: The 47-Year-Old determined class six Pupil

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Akraba Nana, a 47-year-old class six pupil, shares his inspiring journey of returning to school after many years of dropping out and becoming a father to seven other students.

In an exclusive interview with Asaase radio, Akraba Nana, fondly known as Schoolboy, revealed that he had to leave school briefly when he was 14 years old after the unfortunate passing of both his parents.

“When I lost both of my parents, my dreams for the future came crashing down, and I had to leave school,” he expressed.

Akraba Nana explained that after the loss of his parents, he found himself moving from place to place in search of better opportunities. Eventually, he settled in Akraba, a suburb of Cape Coast in the Central Region. He took up work as a head porter at the Kotokoraba Market.

Akraba Nana found solace in music and discovered his talent for creating music. However, his inability to read and write hindered his ability to pen down his song lyrics. He also faced frustration when paid writers couldn’t capture his intended message accurately.

“All those who wrote songs for me didn’t capture the lyrics exactly the way I wanted,” Akraba shared with disappointment.

It was this challenge of being unable to write his own songs that motivated him to return to school. After consulting with his wife, he made the decision to go back to school to learn how to read and write.

“The motivation to write my own songs pushed me to go back to school. After discussing it with my wife, I decided to return to school to acquire literacy skills,” Akraba revealed.

Every day, Akraba embarks on a journey of nearly a kilometer to attend St. Paul Catholic School. He accompanies his seven children, four of whom are older than him, while two are his classmates.

Unlike the other students who started in Nursery One, Akraba received special permission to begin his educational journey in class three.

“At the time I sought admission, the headmistress was enrolling nursery students. Despite this, she allowed me to start in class three,” he recollected.



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