NDC Primaries: Reasons John Mahama and Woyome should be endorsed 

Hon. Kobena Mensah Woyome and H.E John Dramani Mahama
Hon. Kobena Mensah Woyome and H.E John Dramani Mahama

Reasons why Ghanaians and the good people of South Tongu Constituency should endorse H.E John Dramani Mahama and Hon. Kobena Mensah Woyome for the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, respectively have been revealed.

According to the document intercepted by Coverghana.com.gh, H.E John Dramani Mahama has initiated many developmental projects in the South Tongu Constituency and completed a number of these projects during his tenure of office as President, notwithstanding his overall achievements.

His rich experience in leadership and governorship, as Vice President, and subsequently as President of the Republic of Ghana, has contributed to the phenomenal transformation, growth and development of the socio-cultural, political, and economic life of Ghanaians, including the people of South Tongu, to the admiration and praise of all.

As such, Ghanaians, and for that matter, the people of South Tongu, strongly endorse H.E John Dramani Mahama as the flag bearer of the NDC party and also as the presidential candidate for the 2024 Presidential elections, with Hon. Kobena Mensah Woyome’s rich experience as MP for the South Tongu Constituency, contributing as catalyst to His Excellency’s a resounding victory in the 2024 general elections.

According to the party, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is committed to fulfilling all his pledges to Ghanaians and the people of South Tongu.

It is believed that, the South Tongu Constituency would have seen the fulfillment of the pledges he made during the 2020 elections, had it not been for the unfortunate decision of the Supreme Court against his appeal (The Stolen Verdict). However, they are still relevant in the up-coming elections.

The pledges he made included the following:

1. The start of new projects in the road, water, electricity, and health sectors.

2. The upgrading of the Sogakope District Hospital to Trauma Centre to cater for accident victims along Accra to Aflao highway.

3. The Upgrading of some other existing health centres to Poly Clinics, and building of more CHPS compounds.

4. Completion of all on-going projects and start of new ones for the Senior High Schools in the district, namely, St. Catherine Girls Senior High School (SCASCO), Dabala Senior High Technical School (DASTECH), Sogakope Senior High School (SOGASCO), and Comboni Technical Vocational Institute (COMBOTECH).

5. Completion of the e-block at Sondo Agave Afedume.

6. Continuous removal of schools under trees to a more befitting classroom blocks.

7. Completion of the Agave Afedume roads and building of the important bridges that would make the area more accessible for businesses to thrive.

8. Construction of the following roads within the district:

a. Lolito-Amedorme road.

b. Kpotame – Agorgbe-Gladysco road.

c. Cisneros-Dzokplenu road.

d. Bekpo-Sukladzi road.

e. Adidokpo-Hawui road.

f. Dordoekofe through Dzetorkoe to Todze road.

g. Kpotame-Kasangblekpo road.

h. Redevelopment of Tordzinu through Dorkploame to Dabala Junction road.

i. All major township roads, namely, Sogakope, Dabala, Tefle, Sokpoe and many others.

9. To take advantage of the River Volta to develop tourism products that can be patronized (bought) by our tourists.

10. To build a multi-purpose Sport and Youth centre for the district.

11. To construct some strategic dams and irrigation schemes to enhance agricultural activities in the district, at such places as Wlorto/Atitekpo, Dorkploame, Kpotame and many others.

12. To develop a well-thought-out plan to establish agricultural mechanization centre through PPP to give continuous support to land preparation.

13. To improve basic education, with the building of more infrastructure across the district.

14. To continue the extension of electricity to towns and rural communities within the district. The coverage was raised from 45 to over 300 communities during NDC regime.

15. To create either two separate districts out of the existing district, or elevate the existing district to municipal status, so as to accelerate development, among other things.

16. To continue the expansion work on the Sogakope and Dabala markets and give them modern market outlook, as well as lay pavement blocks over the two lorry parks.

17. To consider the welfare and wellbeing of our grassroots base. As well as construct a befitting Constituency Party Office.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh

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