New price increase of sachet and bottled water effective September 19, 2022

Sachet water
Sachet water

The economic hardship in Ghana due to financial crisis, the current government is faced with seems to worsen living conditions by the day. Ranging from increasing prices of foodstuff, sanitary pads to fuel and now, water, the cheapest commodity for daily consumption has also been affected by the new tariffs.

As announced by the Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP), beginning Monday, 19th September, 2022, there will be increments in prices of water for consumers. The new price for the various water produced is as follows;

1. A bag of sachet water which contains 30 pieces of the 500ml pack, will be sold at GH¢7 maximum from the retail trucks. Consumers who will purchase from retail Mini shops, should be prepared to purchase the commodity at a GH¢9 rate per bag.

2. Iced sachet water which has been selling at 30 pesewas, now affected by this new pricing will be sold at 50 pesewas.

3. The 500ml bottled water, initially sold at GH¢ 1.50 will now be sold at GH¢2.00.

4. The medium size of Iced bottled water which is the 750ml, was being sold at GH¢ 2.00 but will now be purchased at GH¢3.00.

The head of the association stated that, the increment is not an overnight decision but was due to the high cost of living which has resulted in rising cost of production and distribution.

Expected price increase of packaged water effective Monday, 19th September, 2022 are in the table below. 

1 Sachet water 30 pesewas 50 pesewas
2 500ml bottled water GH¢1.50 GH¢2.00
3 750ml bottled water GH¢2.00 GH¢3.00
4 Bag of sachet water GH¢7.00 GH¢9.00



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