Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade educational background

Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade

Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade

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On 20th January, 1927, a legend His Honor Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade who rendered his service to mother Ghana was born. Judge Nicholas Yaw Boafo was born in a village called Obogu which is located in the Ashanti region.

In 1935, Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade Whose parent knew the essence of education enrolled their child in one of the government elementary school known as Juaso Government school.

He learnt very well to achieve his goal. Been identified among the few numbers who made a better pass mark in their school exams was his priority.

In the year 1941, Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade came out successfully with good grades. Three (3) years after completion, his parent couldn’t let his grade lie down in their abode. They furthered him in education.

Secondary School Attended by Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade

In 1944, Nicholas parent furthered him in Accra Academy Secondary school. Nicholas been serious from the start never lossed focus. Also, he made sure he went extra mile each day in his learning since he had his own ambitions.

The school noticed the potential Nicholas  was possessed with from first year to his final year in school. They then decided to crown him with the Head Prefect position of his year batch in 1946.

University Attended by Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade

Nicholas  never disappointed his parent through his academic work. He came out with flying colors after his secondary School final Examination. Also, this enabled him to study Economics in one of the universities in Ghana. He furthered his studies in University of Ghana, Legon which was then called university College of Gold Coast.

Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade Leadership Position held at the University

Nicholas Yaw Boafo Adade had the potential qualities of a quality and a good leader and has also tasted leadership position. He was elected as the President of National Union of Gold Coast Student of his year batch from 1952 to 1953.




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