No one is insulting or threatening you; it is your politically-riddled sermons which concern us – P.K Sarpong writes to Bishop Agyinasare

P.K Sarpong (Left) and Bishop Charles Agyinasare (Right) 

P.K Sarpong (Left) and Bishop Charles Agyinasare (Right) 

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No one is insulting or threatening you; it is your politically-riddled sermons which concern us. The renowned political writer and a trustworthy member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) A Letter To Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Dear Man of God,

Let me first of all submit that these epistolary responses to you are not meant to pit you against the masses but your one-way preachings replete with sometimes subtle and mostly direct attacks on some of us are becoming nauseating, putting it mildly.

Quit these constant but mundane sermons of yours which are betraying your position as a man of God.

I have read your preachings of 26th July, 2020, which, largely take a swipe at your critics over your politically-seasoned sermons. This is what you said;

“Pray for me so I don’t get attacked by wicked and unreasonable men as Paul said in Ephesians.

Precious ones, instead of getting me to stop, come and join me. If you want me to stop, let me tell you, I’m now getting warmed up.

I’m on a divine mission for national transformation. Let me ask you, is there not a cause for national transformation? Yes, there is a cause”

Why do you hold the view that whatever you say is sanctimonious and ought not to be responded to? Why do you see our responses to your diatribes as sacrilegious?

Sir, if this is what you call a divine mission, then I beg to differ. There is absolutely nothing divine about your uninformed submissions lately. Your definition of a divine mission lacks clarity.

There is a cause for a national transformation but your path to same is strewn with insincerity and naked lies. You only want us to pander to the whims and fancies of your political party, the NDC.

Your one-sided advocacy serves the interests of your political party not Ghana in its entirety. You have stopped preaching the gospel according to the Most High God and preaching that of the opposition NDC.

We shall be responding to your political statements and not the word of God you preach. For a man of God who would want us to swallow your positions on national issues, your views do not synchronize with that of the national interest as you purport to ferry across.

It is of a high necessity to point out to you that we have not insulted you and neither have we attacked you. We are attacking your politically-motivated and charged effusions. You can preach on but as long as you have decided to use your pulpit to campaign for John Dramani Mahama, we shall be here to checkmate the excesses therein.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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