“Not all sins are the same. Sexual sins are graver than other sins.” – Bishop Agyinasare

Bishop Charles Agyinasare
Bishop Charles Agyinasare

The Presiding bishop of the Perez Chapel International, Bishop Agyinasare has settled an old age debate on sins.

There has been an age old debate that some sins are more weightier than others. However, Bishop Agyinasare has settled the debate surrounding the debate.

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According to the man of God, all sins are not the same and that some sins are more graver than other sins. He explained that síns around s£x are graver than other sins.

“Not all sins are the same. Sexual sins are graver than other sins. Therefore, flee sexual sin.” Bishop Agyinasare posted on his officially verified Facebook post.


Bishop Agyinasare has therefore called on Christians to flee from sins especially S£xual sins.


As usual, some netizens have been reacting to the post made by the man of God. Below are some of their comments.

  • Ye ought to preach on the laws of Grace and the forgiveness of sins only in your churches at this moment in time to cover all flesh. All of them. I am sick of Charles Agyin Asare manipulating the Gospel . Do not send me any more videos. Thank You. Why can you not give souls what they need which is the full gospel.
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  • This is serious …. Which scripture is this taken from? One reason the gospel is confusing to many persons is due to ALL THESE PERSONAL REVELATIONS. Sin is Sin sir. None is graver or safer than other.
  • The gospel is not about sin but it is the finished work of the cross. The bible says you shall no the truth and the truth will make you free. The truth is a person His name is Jesus but not sin. When we preach Christ we let the truth do only what the truth knows to do that is, the truth (Jesus) set people free
  • Respectfully, I disagree. Bishop, please it is hard time we moved past our fixation on only s€xual sins as our highest crime. S€xual sin is not worse than corruption and lies. After all, the Bible says that lies are abomination to God. What country is this if all we will be wary about is not commiting s€xual sins?


What do you make of Bishop Agyinasare’s comment on sins. Leave a comment in the comment box.

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