NTC new fees and charges for License Card, Renewal of License and Registration of Teachers

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The National Teaching Council (NTC) of the Republic of Ghana has revealed its decision to implement the full range of fees and charges as approved by the Parliament of Ghana.

The move aims to enable the NTC to effectively carry out its regulatory functions and ensure the highest standards of teaching in the country.

According to the provisions outlined in the fee and charges (Miscellaneous provisions) Act 2022, the NTC is now authorized to levy fees on its clientele, which includes all teachers.

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The fees and charges are as follows:

License card – GH₵200.00

Renewal of license – GH₵100.00

Registration of teachers – GH₵50.00

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These fees and charges will be applicable to all teachers, and it is imperative that they comply with the new regulations. The implementation of these fees and charges is a significant step towards ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of the NTC’s regulatory functions.

The NTC strongly believes that the implementation of these fees and charges will contribute to the overall improvement of the education sector in the country.

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By ensuring that teachers possess valid licenses and are duly registered, the NTC can better monitor and regulate the teaching profession, ultimately leading to improved educational outcomes for students.

Teachers and stakeholders across Ghana are encouraged to embrace these changes and work collaboratively to ensure the success of this regulatory initiative. Through collective efforts and adherence to the new fee structure, the education sector can continue to flourish, empowering teachers and nurturing the minds of Ghana’s future generations.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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