Portfolio Development Points required by teachers on GES Ranks for 3 years Cycle

Teachers writing NTC licensure examination
Teachers writing NTC licensure examination

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has released its Cycle of Continuous Portfolio Development and Allotment of Credit Points for GES staff.

The Continuous Professional Development programmes run for a cycle of three (3) years. This implies that every registered teacher has three (3) years to earn
the minimum credit points stipulated for his/her level/rank.

This rule applies to teachers at all levels of the Education system, both public and private sectors including holders of administrative positions.


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A teacher must be physically present and receive a certificate of attendance at the end of any programme to earn credit points allotted to that category of Professional Development.

According to NTC, every teacher should have at least 34% of the Portfolio Development Points per year. On the average, teachers at levels where the
academic calendar operates for three terms (Trimester) shall have a minimum of three supply driven trainings per term
making a total of Nine (9) trainings per year and Twenty-Seven (27) per the 3-year PD cycle.

Similarly, teachers at the levels where academic calendar operates for two terms (Semester basis) shall have a minimum of Six (6) supply driven PDs for a semester, making a total of Twelve (12) per year and 36 per the 3-year.


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The table below shows the categories of PD programmes that must be attended and the minimum credit points to be earned within a period of three (3) years.

Suggested PD Points Required by Teachers on the Designated Ranks within the three (3) year Cycle

Service personnel Newly Qualified Teacher (One year induction/National Service before licensing) 25
Supt II Rank 1 60
Supt I Rank 2 65
Senior Supt II Rank 3 70
Senior Supt I Rank 4 75
Principal Supt Rank 5 80
Assistant Director II Rank 6 85
Assistant Director I Rank 7 90
Deputy Director Rank 8 100
Director (I and II) Attend five CPDs organized by NTC and GES. In addition, district directors will provide school academic improvement report in the district with specific names of schools, reference point and improvement made. Regional Directors to provide reports on academic progression in four (4) districts per year.


SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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