NTC to train over 3,400 non-professional teachers

National Teaching Council (NTC)

National Teaching Council (NTC)

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In a positive development, more than 3,400 non-professional educators in the Greater Accra Region have eagerly enrolled in a training program offered by the National Teaching Council (NTC) to acquire crucial teaching skills.

These dedicated individuals are currently serving in teaching roles at various primary schools and educational institutions but have yet to undergo formal professional training to obtain official teaching certification.

Upon successful completion of the training, these educators will be eligible for an authorization certificate, allowing them to continue teaching in their respective schools for a renewable period of three years.

The training sessions are thoughtfully scheduled for weekends and take place at four designated centers within the region: the Accra College of Education Demonstration School, Odorgonno Senior High School (SHS), Ashaiman SHS, and Queensland International.

The primary goal of this training program is to empower these individuals with essential skills, enabling them to be effective educators while they work towards becoming qualified, trained teachers.

The curriculum covers a broad range of critical topics, including child psychology, classroom management, learner assessment, lesson plan preparation, educational behavioral theories, and other fundamental pedagogical principles.

Registration for this program is currently open, with an associated registration fee of GH¢250.00. All educators who fit this category are strongly encouraged to participate by registering on the council’s website.

In a conversation with the Daily Graphic, Lawrence Sarpong, a Deputy Registrar of the NTC, emphasized the potential of these individuals as future professional educators. Instead of hindering their teaching careers, the council has chosen to invest in their growth, providing a pathway toward becoming professional teachers.

This initiative aligns with the council’s broader mission to streamline the educational system, improve access to quality education by placing trained teachers in classrooms, and create employment opportunities.

Upon completing the three-year authorization period, these trained non-professional educators will be expected to enroll in a professional teacher education program and successfully pass the teacher licensure exam to continue their teaching journey.

Mr. Sarpong further emphasized the significance of this program in addressing specific subject areas and regions where there is a shortage of professional educators.

Francis Addai, the Director responsible for Licensing and Registration of Teachers at the NTC, clarified that this program is a nationwide effort and is scheduled to be finalized in the Greater Accra Region by the end of November.

He issued a stern warning to school proprietors, advising them against employing untrained teachers. Instead, he encouraged them to support the registration of these non-professional educators in the program to ensure compliance with the law.

Furthermore, Mr. Addai urged the participating educators not to consider the authorization they receive at the conclusion of the training as a lifelong teaching license. Instead, he encouraged them to view it as a stepping stone on their journey toward becoming fully qualified professional teachers.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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