Parliament honors retired staff for outstanding contributions to legislative process

Speaker of Parliament
Speaker of Parliament

The Parliamentary Service of Ghana has honored fourteen (14) retired staff members for their exceptional dedication and contributions to the legislature in a ceremony at the Parliament House, Accra.

The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin at the ceremony commended the retirees for their work ethics and sacrifices and pledged his unwavering support for the initiative, which is in its third year and which aims to recognize and honor distinguished retired officers who have made exceptional contributions in the Parliamentary Service.

The Rt. Honorable Speaker further encouraged staff members to enhance their knowledge and expertise by actively engaging in workshops and participating in programme aimed at capacity-building.

He (the Speaker) emphasized the importance of continuous learning and development to ensure professional growth and effectiveness within the Parliamentary service.

“Recognizing the retirees as valuable repositories of institutional knowledge and experience, he encouraged them to document their experiences to serve as a valuable manual to guide and inspire current staff, fostering a culture of excellence and continuity within the service”.

He also called upon the exiting staff members to embrace their role as mentors, providing guidance and support to their successors. “By sharing your wisdom and expertise, you will help uphold the service’s principles and ensure a seamless transition for future generations of parliamentary staff” he said .

In addition, he urged staff to uphold the core values of honesty, integrity, and hard work that underpin the Parliamentary Service.

“Retirees were presented with certificates of service, citations of honor, and prizes as tokens of appreciation for their invaluable contributions”.

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