Re: NDC deputy communications officer of Oti Region resigned to join NPP

Following the presidential executive instrument for the creation of six new regions across the country making a total of sixteen (16) region in Ghana, political parties in Ghana have also extended their scope of leadership to those newly created regions. Oti region as one of the newly created regions from Volta Region is believed to be a strong hold or world bank of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Interestingly, there was a social media publication sighted by on Sunday, 17th May, 2020 alleging the resignation of the NDC Deputy Communications Officer of the Oti Region Mr. Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo from NDC and joined the New Patriotic Party (NPP). According to the statement, the reason alleged for the resignation of the Deputy Communications Officer was that, the President of Ghana H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo-Addo is doing great work within the Oti Region.

Responding to the issue, the Deputy Communications Officer of the region Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo noted that, he has not, and will not in anyway resign from a hardworking political party, to join a corrupt, nepotistic and a failed NPP.


“There’s the above story heading going viral on social media that, I Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo, Oti regional deputy communication officer for the great NDC has defected to join the inept, corrupt, immoral and crazy NPP which has nothing for the good people of Ghana but rather creating fertile grounds for genocide to render Ghanaians as refugees in other countries, with their desperate quest to maintain power.” He clarified.

According to Mr. Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo, so far as the Oti region NDC is concerned, he is still the proud Deputy Communications Officer for the region. He vehemently dissociated himself from the fake news items circulating on social media for his resignation from the NDC party.

“I want to emphatically made it clear with no equivocation that, I Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo is still the deputy communication officer for the NDC in Oti region and very proud, I say a big thank you to the delegates of Oti region for that great honor.” He explained.

He clarifies issues on the subject matter by saying, he was not the person who defected from the NDC but rather the Nkwanta South Constituency Deputy Communications Officer Mr. Abdul Salam Osman, who was appoint to act in that office temporarily.


“The Gentleman who defected to join the NPP is called Abdul Salam Osman who’s was an appointed deputy communication officer for the Nkwanta South Constituency, and not for Oti region.” He further explained.

The substantive NDC Deputy Communications Officer for the Oti region with the needed alacrity called on the general public especially the NDC members and sympathizers to ignored the fake publication in his name.

“I therefore plead with the general public to treat this malicious, fictitious, vexatious, incredible and false story about me Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo with the highest contempt it deserves.” He appealed.

Mr. Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo categorically stated that, he shall head to the law court to seek for deformation should the fake news published in his name go a very long way to tarnish and discredit his persona.

“I won’t hesitate to consider legal action against the source stated below, if this story persists further to dent my reputation.” He disclosed.

“I know I’m an albatross on the neck of the NPP in the country and the Oti region, so their desperate efforts to frustrate my followers and lovers.” He further added.

He also said, the fight for a change of government will continue until a new president H.E John Dramai Mahama is elected and sworn into office. Until then, he will not rest in the discharge of NDC activities leading to victory in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

“This hustle will continue until the next president of the republic John Dramani Mahama is reelected to continue his passionate and genuine fight against corruption as well as his economic expansion efforts to develop and turn the Ghanaian economy into a buoyant economy.” he assured.

Finally, he revealed that, his checks and investigations show that, the fake news was published by Peace FM.

“My checks indicates, the source below reported that malicious and untruth news about me, defecting to the Npp, and they must be warn!” He disclosed.


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