Reasons for Developing National Teachers’ Standards – All teachers must read

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The National Teachers Standards represents the first ever collectively agreed standards to guide teacher Preparation practice in the country.

The Standards have been developed as a professional tool to guide teacher educators, teachers student teachers and other Stakeholders in education to identify in clear and precise terms what teachers are expected to know and be able to do, qualities they are expected to possess and some behaviour they are supposed to exhibit.

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The Standards set a clear baseline of expectations for the professional knowledge, practice, conduct, attitude, rights and obligations expected of teachers Working in schools at the pre-tertary level. All teachers completing their initial teacher training will be assessed against the National leachers Standards.

It is noteworthy that the National Teachers Standards replaces the diversity of the standards being used in the various institutions offering initial teacher education and/or providing continuing professional development with a consolidated set of national standards to ensure that student teachers’ training and development is guided by the same set of standards.

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These Standards are designed to improve the quality of teachers delivery and students’ performance and should therefore be used as a reference tool tor student teachers, teacher educators, in-service teachers, head teachers, mentors, school inspectors and all who are working at training student teachers.


The Standards will also enable teacher educators and others to direct their efforts appropriately to the areas student teachers need most support.

The development of these standards is consistent with discussions on both pre-tertiary curriculum and teacher education reforms occurring nationally and led by the Ministry of Education, about the most successful processes for assuring teacher
quality and students’ learning outcomes.

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It is recognize that intensive professional development workshops will be required
to prepare teacher educators to effectively prepare student teachers to deliver on the standards, but it is my strong belief that with dedication and commitment the
quality of teaching and student learning outcomes will improve markedly.

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In this regard, the Ministry of Education wish to call on all stakeholders in pre-tertiary education to embrace the National Teachers’ Standards and employ it effectively as a tool to bring about improved learning outcomes in our education system.



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