Reasons for Oliver Barker-Vormavor’s arrest disclosed

Mr. Oliver Mawuse Barker-Vormawor
Mr. Oliver Mawuse Barker-Vormawor

Earlier today, Tuesday, 17th May, 2022, #FixTheCountry Movement Convener Oliver Barker-Vormavor has been arrested again by the Ghana Police Service.

According to reliable sources, Oliver Barker-Vormavor was arrested while on his way to court.

Narrating the incident to the media, Felicity Nelson, one of the #FixTheCountry Movement conveners said, Oliver Barker-Vormavor was picked up on Tuesday morning by Police officers.


She disclosed that, “He has a court hearing today. The Police officer asked him to stop and told him he is under arrest. So, he [Barker-Vormawor] asked ‘why am I under arrest?’ the Police said ‘your rights are curtailed when you are under arrest.

“So, we don’t know where he is, we don’t know who has arrested him, we don’t know why he’s been arrested. Basically, that’s what is going on,” She said.

Reacting to the issue few minutes after the arrest, Oliver Barker-Vormavor in a Facebook post confirmed his arrest and said, he was being held in cells at the Madina Court.

Recounting his ordain, he said, “Neho! I am currently Being held in cells at the Madina Court. My phone still with me. Very Bizarre that I had never been arrested in life. Yet, In just one year of #FixTheCountry activism, I have already been arrested three times.”

“I have also already been sued three times, twice by the Ghana Police Service, and by the Electoral Commissioner. Anyway, it must all be a coincidence. I’m sure. No one is above the law, except the President.” He added.

According to Oliver Barker-Vormavor, he has been charged with “careless and inconsiderate driving” after his arrest on his way to Court.


He also made a public notice appealing to well-meaning Ghanaians hold Ghana card on a bail of at the Madina District Court .

He again disclosed that, he has been taken to the cells at East Legon Police station.




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