Russia & Ukraine Conflict: How Late TB Joshua’s Prophesied it (+VIDEO)


The late Nigerian man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua is reigning even in death as one of his prophesies have come true once again.

An old video of the Prophet have surfaced online in which he made some Prophesies about the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In one of his old preachings on Emmanuel TV, he indicated that there is a great war coming against Russia and there is need to pray for them.

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Russia and Ukraine are currently in a conflict in which most people believe that some other countries are mobilizing to support Ukraine against Russia and the Prophecy from the man of God is about to come true.

In the video, T B Joshua said “Great wàr is coming against them (Russia). I don’t know where the war is coming from. So pray for them because their leader will face greater opposition and the opposition will be so much that it may exclude sin. And that will turn the nation to another thing“.



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