Samini breaks silence on Sarkodie after him not replying to his request.


Samini feels he has been disrespected by his colleague

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It all started when a fan of Samini asked him on Twitter when he will collaborate with the “Landlord” Sarkodie after is recently featured on the legend Mob Marley’s song “Stir it up”.

Samini replied to his fun by saying he is not sure he will do any verse for his colleague Sarkodie.

The reason is that Samini has reached out to his colleague on several occasions for a verse for his E.P. but Sarkodie refuses to attain his request.

Other artists in Ghana and out of the country voiced the same concern about this act.

In an interview with Sarkodie on Hitz FM, Samini was called to clarify his issues and said “I feel Sarkodie has disrespected me but I didn’t bring it up in public. He further said that when the Landlord sent him a song on “Love Rock” he did that in less than 24 hours.

According to Samini he reached out to his colleague and told him he is working on something and he needs a verse from him and  Sarkodie told him he want to see it, Samini sent him three songs and told him to select one, later Sakordie ask him whether it’s an Album or an EP and he told him it’s an EP.

He also said he has invited his colleague to an invitation but Sarkodie turn it down.


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