Secure your Twitter Account for free – Here are the Steps


If you have been using text message two-factor authentication (2FA) for Twitter, you may have seen a message asking you to switch to another authentication method.

This is because Twitter has started to charge for the feature as part of its Blue subscription, which costs $8 per month. However, there are other free methods available for securing your Twitter account, and the platform’s discontinuation of SMS 2FA for non-Blue subscribers is a good reminder to switch to a more secure method.

SMS 2FA is vulnerable to SIM-swapping attacks, where hackers can intercept the verification codes sent via text messages or phone calls by tricking your mobile c arrier into assigning your number to them


Thankfully, Twitter users have access to additional free security measures to protect their accounts, not just SMS 2FA. In fact, the recent decision to remove the feature for non-Blue subscribers serves as a reminder that relying solely on SMS 2FA may not be the best option for account security.

Authentication apps such google authenticator, microsoft authenticator, authy can help you secure your twitter account.

The authentication app will be installed on your mobile device to generate a security code and secure your Twitter account. After authenticating on Twitter with the app, they will provide you with backup codes that you can use to recover your account in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Here are the steps

1) Download any authentication app

2) Open twitter and select settings and support

2) Select Settings and Privacy

3) Proceed with Security and account access

4) Click Security and choose Two-factor authentication

5) Enable the authentication app

6) Set your password and paste the code the authentication app generated.

7) Copy and Save the back codes given by twitter



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