See the building bought by GNPC for $7.5million

See the building allegedly bought by GNPC for $7.5million
See the building allegedly bought by GNPC for $7.5million
It is alleged that the Ghana National Petroleum Cooperation, GNPC bought a building from a another business for $7.5m without going through the appropriate procurement process.

According to Mr. Bright Simons, when the officials of GNPC were questioned as to why they did not the building open a tender when they were looking for a building to buy, they explained that “real estate” is not mentioned in the procurement law.

This information is contained in a tweet made by Mr. Bright Simons of IMANI Africa. He said,

Ghana’s GNPC paid $7.5m for a rundown 6-storey building owned by a firm GNPC’s CEO used to be the Chairman of. There was no tender. When they were asked why they didn’t follow procurement laws, they said the building is real estate & “real estate” is not mentioned in the law.”


“Real Estate” is defined as: “land, as well as any permanent improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made—including water, trees, minerals, buildings, homes, fences, and bridges.” Simply put, per GNPC, big projects are beyond procurement law.

Behold the Takoradi building bought for $7.5m by GNPC from ************* in 2018. Without tender. Why? Because, according to GNPC, it is “real estate”. And Ghana’s procurement law doesn’t expressly mention “real estate”. What is not written is not written.”

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See an image of the building bought at $7.5m below


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