Show me one video which has been played on #JohnniesBite which isn’t factual – Johnie Hughes dares critics

Johnie Hughes
Johnie Hughes

Popular Ghanaian television show host with Media General Johnie Hughes has thrown some hard pμnches at his critics.

Johnie Hughes has been in the news as many persons argue that he is making the government of President Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo unpopular with his JohnniesBite series.

Replying to such critics, Johnnie Hughes called on his critics to show one video which has been showed on his JohnniesBite series which is not factual.

In a tweet, the popular television show host said “Show me one video which has been played on #JohnniesBite which isn’t factual? Just ONE! 😃😃😃 #ShowYourScoreCard



As usual, some Ghanaians have been commenting on Johnie Hughes’ tweet calling on his critics to prove him wrong.

 A tweep named Papabi said “You have to stay neutral, yes I agree NPP has Oman FM n NET2 TV de same way NDC has Power FM n Tv XYZ so dey can do whatever de r, but your style of journalism on TV3 looks like you’re the mouth piece for NDC and you have hatred for de NPP pls change ur style pls it won’t help”

@Don said “How do you want him to do the journalism.?He should stop making the government accountable to the people?
He should begin to talk about Mahama and NDC that are not in power and doesn’t control taxes to go pay NABCO beneficiaries and fix the roads?
Hmmm what a warped statement.”



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