Surfline service outage raises concerns: NCA offers support to subscribers

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has acknowledged the growing concerns from the public regarding Surfline’s recent service outage.

In response, the NCA has been actively engaging with Surfline to provide assistance and ensure the protection of affected subscribers.

Over the past few months, the NCA has maintained a continuous dialogue with Surfline following the company’s formal communication about shutting down its Radio Access Network due to operational challenges. These engagements aimed to provide Surfline with an opportunity to address the following issues:

  1. Indebtedness to Service Providers: The NCA has urged Surfline to resolve any outstanding financial obligations to its service providers.
  2. Transparent Communication: The NCA has encouraged Surfline to promptly communicate information about the service outage to its subscribers.
  3. Data Plan Protection: The NCA seeks to ensure that customers who have purchased data plans do not lose their unused data. Additionally, Surfline may be required to compensate customers for any loss of service.
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  5. SIM Management: In the event that Surfline fails to resume its operations, the NCA is prepared to initiate bulk-delinking of Surfline SIMs from the Central SIM Database. This would allow consumers to retain only their active and registered SIMs.

The NCA out-let that they are diligently working towards the successful implementation of these regulatory measures. They assured the general public especially Surfline subscribers that, their interests and the interests of all users of telecommunications services are their topmost priority.

The Authority said they remain committed to safeguarding the welfare of stakeholders within the industry.




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