Mr. Chairman
His Excellency, Former President JJ Rawlings
The General Secretary of the NDC, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah
Members of National Executive Committee
Members of the Planning Committee
Distinguished Guests
Our Friends from the Media
Ladies and Gentlemen,


The opportunity has once again presented itself for us to meet at this very important event on NDC’s Calender- Commemoration of June Fourth Revolution and I want to use this privileged opportunity to commend our Founder, Flt Lt JJ Rawlings and all those who played a part in that event which later gave birth to the NDC.
First and foremost, the June 4, 1979 Uprising occurred because the economy had been run such that, people could not make ends meet, even basic foods such as kenkey was scarce, people were faced with extreme poverty as a result, some head of families and young ones who could not find their future left the shores of Ghana for greener pastures. The lack of social amenities like potable water because the Engineers who should man our water systems also traveled, this led to people drinking unwholesome water which caused water born disease like bilhezia and guinea worm.
The trust of the people was abused because those exercising the power forgot they were holding it in trust for the people.
Our Teachers were not spared, they equally left and so, we were left with empty classrooms, who to teach became a problem.
Our Doctors and Nurses also left, who to treat the sick at the hospitals, who was there to assist women deliver their babies? So you can imagine how many children who died at the time who could have become Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Police, Military etc.
Some Lecturers and Experts who couldn’t make ends meet on their merger salaries turned their cars into taxis to enable them feed their families.
Ghana became a laughing stock by our neighbors as our citizens migrated to these countries those citizens were being humiliated because they were doing jobs below them, which they would not have done back here in Ghana. For example, in Ivory Coast, during a National Quiz Competition, the children were asked in which country does the people, queue for toilet rolls and the answer was Ghana, and that was correct. People produced local soaps called “Don’t Touch Me” and people queued for it.
There was extreme corruption and total mismanagement of the economic resources by those in charge of governance. The spirit of patriotism which is the readiness to fight for and even die for one’s country was almost dead as those in the helm of affairs plundered the nation and cared less about the plight of the suffering masses.
Corruption became endemic and almost accepted everywhere. Kalabule was rife middlemen sold goods at exorbitant prices.
Today, the very thing that sent us to the June fourth are still here with us. Youth unemployment is still a problem, accountability is still a problem with us, only few people are amassing wealth at the expense of the people. The Revolution fought against such ills as; corruption, nepotism, unemployment, lack of quality education, healthcare etc.
The misuse and misapplication of the opportunities to rule to create unnecessary tensions and semblance of terror by a selected few over the masses made the people and civil society to rise to demand accountability.
Out of the revolution Ghana became the pride in Africa, a lot of opportunities fell to the country which set the base for a shift in political system. Our telecommunication, Airport, power etc had improved drastically with multiple power station/thermal plant.
Today, accountability is far away from us, people who are put in position of responsibility are not accounting to the people. What is happening today is it different from what happened 41 years ago?
Despite the fSHS parents are still paying rent for their wards as a result of lack of admission into a boarding facility. Young boys and girls have to rent a room in order to attend classes. This policy has led to the increase in social vices by these students. Inspite of our well touted National Health Insurance Scheme, can people still afford healthcare?
Despite the claim of abundant food stock, people are still struggling for a decent meal a day.


Again, inspite of the numerous Anti-Corruption State Institutions set up to fight against corruption it is still very endemic in our country. Irrespective of the political system we practice, people at position of trust refuse to account to the people.
The 1992 Constitution involves every facet of life; farmers, chop bar keepers, professionals, market women, barbers, drivers etc, all contributed to its drafting, so no attempt should be made to undermine it No!!! Constitutional bodies like the Electoral Commission, who seemingly are being manipulated and controlled by carefully executing a grand design to hoodwink the entire citizenry with their intended new voter registration without listening to the major opposition party, the NDC, must know that…..
Let’s be reminded of what happened in Hong Kong where the Chinese government tried severally to calm down demonstrators. Now, let’s look at what the Almighty America is experiencing as a result of one singular act.
Those in position of power can decide to play ostriches today but, the June 4 is there to remind us that, no one should feel comfortable or indemnify to seat on the people or take the power from the people and use it against them because out of the ordinary man, is ordained strength so those who think that power can be exercise by a few must watch because all that happened with June fourth are still here with us. The lessons of June 4 are as relevant as they were in 1979.
Believers in the June 4, 1979 Revolution which serve as watershed of the political tradition of our founder and father, H.E Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings, need to do an introspection as heirs.
We need to conduct our affairs in an honest and forthright, incorruptible manner so that our country men and women would see and testify how morally sound we are with regards to the country’s resources.
Finally, it should be noted that the key words Patriotism, Resilience and Integrity are action words directed at us- those who believe in the revolution of which serve as the watershed of our political tradition, on our side like the Israilites in Egypt who needed to be liberated from oppression, discrimination and high-handedness of Pharaoh, we need to work hard and relentlessly like Moses and Aaron to win the December election to liberate Ghanaians from their suffering.
Long Live June 4th Revolution!
Long Live the NDC!!
Long Live Mother Ghana!!!

Thank you





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  1. You people think we are fools; Kofi Adams was an organiser for just four years yet he could buy 2 Land Cruisers, 2 Pick-Ups and houses but that is not a crime; meanwhile someone died in the revolution for taking a genuine loan of c50 today’s ghc5 and that was corruption. Do you think many of your members today would have survived the revolution? Give us a break, please.

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