Tamale Technical University staff withdraw services over payment issues


Tamale, Ghana – Members of the Technical University Teacher’s Association of Ghana (TUTAG) at Tamale Technical University have taken the decision to withdraw all services starting from Wednesday, May 10. The action comes as a result of grievances related to unpaid allowances and the utilization of an unapproved formula for disbursing end-of-service benefits to staff.

The services affected by the withdrawal include the administration of end-of-semester examinations, script marking, and other academic tasks.

TUTAG members assert that the university’s management has failed to implement the approved formula for the payment of end-of-service benefits, as stipulated in their Council-approved conditions of service.

During a press conference held in Tamale on Wednesday, TUTAG’s leadership revealed that cheques issued to recently retired staff were prepared based on the outdated formula, which is a cause for concern. They further highlighted that a majority of the allowances linked to Internally Generated Funds (IGF) have not been disbursed.


The withdrawal of services on Wednesday has had an immediate impact on the ongoing end-of-semester examinations, which were scheduled to conclude on the same day.

Dr. Abdul Malik Bawah, the local Vice Chairman of TUTAG, emphasized that services will only be restored once the outstanding allowances have been settled.

In response to the TUTAG action, students of the university gathered at the administration building, seeking clarification on the cancellation of their exams.

Osman Mubarik Abu, the Director of Public Affairs for the university, reassured the students that the management is actively working with TUTAG to address their concerns.

The university administration is now tasked with swiftly resolving the payment issues and engaging in constructive dialogue with TUTAG to restore normalcy to academic activities.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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