Task Chiefs, traditional councils and historians to write history of their tribes

Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni
Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni

A former National President of the National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA) Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni has called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo through the Ministry of Education to task Chiefs, traditional councils and historians to write an authentic history of their ethnic groups.

According to the young youth activist and educationist, the Chiefs /traditional leaders within the various traditional councils/areas know the history of their tribes or ethnic groups better than any other person. He has therefore outlined some steps for a standard compilation procedure and assessment of History of Ghanaian textbooks.

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Preliminary stage for compiling an authentic history of each Ethnic Group

The former National Secretary of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni has proposed that, the Ministry of Education through National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA) under the directive of the President should constitute a committee at each District/Municipal/Metropolitan where each traditional council within its catchment area will present a detailed history on their tribes to the committee. He added that, the Committee should tender and thoroughly explore an open scrutiny of reports from the traditional leaders.

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Regional Assessment Committee

Mr. Agboni again said, after the preliminary stage of assessment, the committee should forward the compiled documents to a Regional Assessment Committee through the various Regional House of Chiefs for further scrutiny and approval. He has also proposed that, each Regional Assessment Committee should be chaired by the President of the Regional House of Chiefs.


He again suggested that, after the Regional Assessment, the documents should be published for citizens to further peruse the history written by each tribe or ethnic group.

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National/Inter Regional Assessment Committee

Agboni Nicholas Kelvin further proposed that, after the public scrutiny of the Regional Assessment Committee’s work, the final document should be forwarded to the National Assessment Committee through the National House of Chiefs for further scrutiny to avoid  tribal bigotry among ethnic groups.

Selection and Implementation of History of Ethnic Groups

Mr. Agboni added that, the National Assessment Committee should randomly select key topics from each Ethnic Group or tribe to be adopted by NaCCA into the Ghanaian Curriculum for schools to use.

According to him, the selected history should be forwarded to the Ministry of Education through NaCCA  for publishers who wish to use such materials in their textbooks.

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Membership of Committees

The membership of Committees at each level should consist of leaders of Civil Society Organisations, prominent historians, opinion leaders, the Clergy, Chiefs, educationist, publishers and other key personalities in the society.

Mr. Agboni made the statement following the public outcry over the bigotry and derogatory “History of Ghana textbooks”  published by Golden Publications and Badu Nkansah limited headed by Mr. Badu Nkansah.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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