Teacher drags NTC, GES and Attorney General to court due to proposed PDA deductions

Stephen Desu, founder of Innovation Teachers Union

Stephen Desu, founder of Innovation Teachers Union

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An aggrieved teacher who doubles as the founder of Innovative Teachers Union,  Stephen Desu has taken the National Teaching Council (NTC) Ghana Education Service (GES) and Attorney General (AG) to court over the proposed deduction from the Professional Development Allowance (PDA).

According to Jerry Akporhor, a lead for Informed Teachers Network (ITN) detailed the insight of the matter saying the teacher unions (GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT) sent a petition to NTC and GES and agreed to the following deductions in their final meeting:

  1. GH¢150 for three national CPD day trainings.
  2. GH¢200 license card.
  3. GH¢100 license renewal.
  4. GH¢50 registration of teachers.

The above tabled deductions as proposed would total GH¢500.00 which would be taken out of the yet-to-be-paid GH¢1200.00 Professional Development Allowance.

In addition to Desu’s professional career, he is also the founder of the Innovative Teacher Union. His platform acknowledges the importance of professional development for teachers but questions the way it is being implemented.

The founder of the Innovative Teacher Union, Stephen Desu argued that the NTC does not have Legal Instrument (LI). He also argued that, the NTC and GES do not have the legal authority to make these deductions and that the teacher unions do not have the right to authorize deductions on behalf of teachers.

They did the same during the embattled One Teacher One Laptop project and would continue to take teachers for granted if something drastic is not done.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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