Teacher Kwadzo’s demoted SISO vows to take legal action against GES

Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, GES Director-General 
Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, GES Director-General 

The demoted School Improvement Support Officer (SISO) formerly known as Circuit Supervisor (CS) for Akrofuom Circuit Mr. Edward Yamoah has vowed to take legal action against the Ghana Education Service (GES) to clear his reputation.

According to Mr. Edward Yamoah, the decision to demote him from his current position as sighted in the Ghana Education Service’s letter dated 27th October, 2021 is inappropriate because he has done nothing wrong to merit such punishment so far as the case is concerned.

Management of the Ghana Education Service has instructed for the demotion of Akrofuom Circuit SISO. GES explained that, it is of the view that Mr. Edward Yamoah should be re-assigned from his current role as a School Improvement Support Officer (SISO) and be re-posted as a classroom teacher in another district.


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This came as a surprise to the SISO as he debanked the claims and allegations of incompetency leveled against him the Ghana Education Service.

In the statement making waves on social media, the School Improvement Support Officer of Akrofuom Circuit Mr. Edward Yomoah said;

“Good evening colleagues, Last Friday 17th December 2021, I officially received a letter from GES headquarters in relation to the above case. According to the letter I should be re-assigned to classroom teacher in another district. I decided not to challenge this because I thought headquarters got everything right.”

“But after further checks it has been realized that my District Education Disciplinary Committee made that recommendation which was endorsed by my District Director of Education with the reason that Teacher Kwadwo is a popular figure  therefore they have to involve others in the case else people may think he has been witch hunted . I am therefore very surprise that the District Education Disciplinary Committee recommeded that the SISO and the head teacher should be demoted but the Teacher himself should be re-assigned, no wonder the Director General didnt see any sense in this.”

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According to Mr. Yamoah, his basis for challenging these recommendations are the following:

1. My Directorate and District Education Disciplinary Committee never found me culpable of any offence,  neither did Director General cite any of my actions that were against the Code of Conduct of GES that warranted my punishment.

2. I was posted to this directorate in September 2020, I was not assigned   any schedule until January 2021. That I was given my appointment letter as a SISO of Akrofuom Circuit but the handing over as SISO was not done until June 2021, all because someone was not willing to handover and despise my numerous complaints to the directorate that it was affecting my work, no officer, not  even the Director saw anything wrong with this till when I was invited to appear before the District Education Disciplinary Committee.

3. After receiving my appointment letter as SISO in January ,I never visited any school in that month because no officer was willing to introduce me to my teachers. Infact, it has been recorded in all the log books of my schools that I introduced myself to the teachers in all the schools as the newly appointed SOSO.

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4. In the report that I wrote to Director and the District Education Disciplinary Committee on this issue , I clearly indicated that I got to know his absenteeism on 18th February and that was the first day I visited that school. This teacher resumed school on 10 March 2021 and a query was issued to him on 11th March 2021 for absenting himself without proper permission. It is stated in Director General’s own letter that the teacher refused to response some queries from the SISO , and this means that I did what was expected from me as a SISO.

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5. Finally, I want to make it clear that I was not allowed to validate the teachers in my circuit until June, 2021 therefore I can’t be held responsible for whoever validated the teacher after i had already reported him to the office for continuously absenting himself from school without permission.
In conclusion, I will result to any legal action to clear my reputation in this case.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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