Temporary ban on fishing and other forms of human activities in Denu-Torkor lagoon

Denu-Torkor lagoon, Keta Municipal
Denu-Torkor lagoon, Keta Municipal

The Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) of the Ketu South Municipal Assembly has notified the general public of the temporary ban on fishing and all forms of human activities in the Denu-Torkor lagoon.

According to the letter dated 28th December, 2022 signed by the Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Maxwell K. Lugudor, a temporary ban has been placed with immediate effect on all economic activities including fishing and human activities in the Denu -Torkor Lagoon (Adafienu Concession) until further notice.

The letter specified that the decision was arrived at an emergency Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) meeting held on Tuesday, 27th December, 2022.


Explaining the action behind the call for a ban, they said “the ban has been necessitated by the recent drowning of a seventy-seven (77) year old woman whose preliminary investigations revealed that she got drowned in the lagoon near Laklevikope.

Further, they added that “According to family sources, the woman in question has an underlying medical condition that causes her to leave home unannounced until a search is mounted for her.”


“This situation continued until her lifeless body was found on the 26th December 2022 in the lagoon near Laklevikope which lies outside the zone where the dikes were created by the Seven Salt Ltd.”

“The public is hereby advised to stay away from conducting any fishing or human activity in the lagoon until such is sanctioned by the Municipal Security Council of the Ketu South Municipal Assembly.”

“A joint security force would be on the hunt for any individual or group who would be caught violating this order.”

“We also want to use the opportunity to apologize to the general public for any inconvenience that the ban might cause.”

“However, the general public must note that this decision has been taken to maintain public peace and security in the Municipality.”

“Further information can be sought from the Office of the Municipal Chief Executive.”

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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