The war against Ewes: Why was Caleb Kudah asked if he’s a Voltarian?

A staunt member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) popularly known on social media as EL Citizen Vigilante has queried the general public why was Caleb Kudah, the Citi FM/TV Journalist asked by the National Security Officers asked if he is a Voltarian or not during his arrest and subsequent alleged torture.

He noted that, in the wake of Caleb Kudah’s ordeal, nobody is talking about the “Tribal” aspect of the narrative. During the punching, kicking, slapping, flogging and torturing session following his arrest, Akufo Addo’s national security thugs asked Caleb if he’s a Voltarian. He said “No. I’m not a Voltarian, I’m from Cape Coast.”

“Caleb literally denied his tribe to mitigate the torture – he denounced his hometown to avoid being smashed to bits – he lied about his origin to remain alive. WOW! But my question is: What would have happened if he had admitted he is an Ewe? What would they have done to him?”


“Your time will come” – Nana Aba Anamoah tells fellow journalists who are happy about Caleb Kudah’s arrest

According to him, this is another clear demonstration of bigotry and injustice toward the people of Volta region. It is increasingly appearing that this govt has it as a policy to oppress Ewes and treat them like alien in Ghana. Since January 2017, we (Ewes) have had to change our names, hide our indentity, pretend to be what we’re not in order to be accepted and treated like citizens of Ghana.

He again said, “If you’re looking for a job, you have to denounce your Ewe name. If you’re looking for an opportunity, you’ve to change where you’re coming from. If you’re a small or medium scale business owner and you’re not insanely connected to the NPP govt, you have to find someone with a non Ewe name to be signing your documents, representing you at meetings and filling forms for you, else, you’ll never get any govt contract no matter how competent and experienced you’re.”

“I was handcuffed and slɒpped” : Caleb Kudah speaks for the first time after his arrest


“If you’re involved in a dispute and you’re Ewe, you’ll never get Justice. If you have an Ewe name and you’re accused of something bad, you’re gone. If you’re an Ewe and you find yourself at the wrong side of the law, you’re doomed. If you’re an Ewe or have an Ewe name and you find yourself in the grip of national security, even God cannot save you. “

He believes that, “there’s a special form of attack, assault, brutality, torture, punishment and humiliation dedicated to Ewes under Akufo Addo. It’s like how American soldiers are treated in Japanese prisons, Russian prisons or Chinese prisons in war films. This is why in most cases, when American soldiers know they’ll be captured by any of these opponents, they commit suicide. Because they know what lies ahead of them if they’re captured is more painful than death. I hope you get the picture. That’s precisely what this govt is doing to Ewes.”

“The arrest of Caleb Kudah and Zoe Abu-Baidoo is so sensel€ss” – Sam George

“This are the reasons why my brother Caleb had to deny his tribe to save his life. If he had accepted that he’s an Ewe, that would have been his end. They’ll peel his skin off his bone. This is what is happening in Ghana today.”

“When we say the Akufo Addo govt and NPP in general hate Voltarians and back our claims with verifiable fact’s, some mentally retarded goons will come and say those of us complaining are rather the ones being tribalistic. We can keep on being naive about the crime against Ewes, it’ll detonate in our faces one day!”



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