Things that will happen when Queen Elizabeth II dies

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

The longest term serving British Monarch of the United Kingdom and Head of the Commonwealth of the Queen Elizabeth II has died on 8th September, 2022.

According to the Royal Family who announced Queen Elizabeth II death, she died a natural death.

Queen Elizabeth II has died aged 96, ending a monumental 70-year reign of Great Britain.


She is succeeded by her son and heir, Charles, who automatically ascends to the throne. He shall be called His Majesty King Charles III.

Things that will happen when the Queen eventually passes. All human beings will pass one day.

1. Prince Charles becomes king.

2. Anthem is changed from God save the Queen to God save the King.

3. Comedy shows will be cancelled for 12 days.

4. The current notes and coins would slowly withdrawn from circulation. King Charles will be on new notes.

5. There are  ready made stories about her life & will be released. BBC staff have black suits ready to change into anytime.

6. London stock market will close for a day.

7. There will be 12 days of mourning but only her funeral date will be a national holiday.



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