Things to consider for a healthy lifestyle in 2022

Filed photo of people doing exercise
Filed photo of people doing exercise

Having a goal in mind actually puts one on a task for self-improvement and health goals are not exceptional.

As much as humans consider their health as important, one must always set goals and review it from time to time for a healthy living. When you have a lifestyle goal, especially when it is written, you tend to get motivated and more likely to pay attention to your overall health.

In this part of our world, many people think that health goals are just about losing weight, building the physique and getting a radiant skin. But good health includes and goes beyond those. When setting up a healthy lifestyle goal, one must consider all the seven dimensions of wellness. These are Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Environmental and Occupational. We will take a deeper look at all seven dimensions in a later article but for now let’s set some general goals for ourselves. These goals will help us achieve stability and wellness on multiple layers of the dimensions.



Physical activity plays its very unique role in getting us healthy. Do not forget to make amends for the previous years slag on inactiveness. Aim for between thirty and sixty minutes of some physical exercise on all days of the week. Go for that jogging not only when you feel you are putting on some weight.


Health experts, without any arguments, propose that to live a healthy lifestyle, one must watch their dieting. What we eat on daily basis is perhaps what has the most impact on our overall health. Take note of the following:

Eat more plant-based foods
Manage to get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
Watch and limit your intake of fatty meats and high cholesterol foods such as Full-fat dairy, Red meat (where we have steak, beef roast, ribs, pork chops), Processed meat, Fried foods, Baked goods and sweets and lean meat. Note that peas, beans, nuts, and soy foods have high levels of plant proteins. They will rather help.

Try whole-grain breads and cereals Whole grains are typically high in iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, B vitamins and dietary fiber and include whole oats, wheats, barley, millet, spelt, quinoa, brown rice, corn or maize, whole grain breads and pastas. Remember that highly refined cereals such as white bread, pastry, white rice, and sugary cereals would do you no much good.


Instead of using foods with hydrogenated oil sources such as margarine, fried foods, baked goods, coffee creamers, crackers, pre-made dough, vegetable shortening, microwave popcorn, potato chips and packaged snacks, use these top five heathy fats rather Fish, Nuts (including nut butters like almond butter, sunflower butter, and peanut butter), Seeds such as chia seeds and flax seeds, Olive oil and Avocado oil.

Hydrogenated oils are used by food manufacturers and processors to keep food longer and fresher. Just imagine their negative effects on humans.


Sleep is a necessary part of the resting process. It is researched and proven that people who rest for at least seven to eight hours a day tend to be in better health and have longer life span than those who do not.

Taking time for daily relaxation and recreation is also helpful to the body and mind.


Okay, here comes the part most of us call healthy living down here. Let me just make it short and simple for you. First of all you need to know what a BMI is. BMI fully means Body Mass Index. How does your waist feel carrying the rest of the body? What proportion of weight and waist girth could match a healthy body mass? Well, the following provide answers. A BMI less than 25 is ideal. There is a high risk of obesity once it gets to 30 and above.

A waist girth less than 37 inches for men is okay whiles above 40 indicates a high risk. For the women a waist girth less than 32 inches is ideal while one stands high risk with a waist girth of more than 35 inches.


I guess we do not have to say this much. We know it already. Drugs, alcohol and illicit drugs are not good for our health. Need I say more? The statistics show for themselves and as part of our health goals, we must make it a point to avoid them as much as possible. Remember that even the producers of such items have warned you. I am warning you too. Drug use can lead to dependencies that can destroy physical, mental, and spiritual health


Make it a point to keep a tab on checking your health status on a regular basis. Do not wait till you start feeling very bad before you visit a health expert. Plan to do this quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly even if you are not sick. Take tests whenever the opportunity presents itself. Be serious with your health because it is your wealth.


Spending time wisely involves managing it well as well as choosing who and how to spend it. Think about your friends and those who surround you on daily basis. Build healthy and supportive relationships. Hang out with those you want to be like. Love, accept and be kind to all.


So like I said earlier, healthy living is a wholistic issue. You cannot just be looking at your BMI and diet and ignore the other side. Each and every dimension or aspect is very important. One of the things that really kill many people has to do with how we see life.

In planning your health goals this year, inculcate some happiness ways to get happy into the objective.  see the bright side of life in all situations. Do not worry yourself over things beyond your control. Laugh, laugh and laugh a lot, even if you would have to fake it. Be hopeful about life and pass that same hope on to those you live and work with daily. Do not feel too big or too small to ask for help.


Whether you believe in this or that god, it is very accepted by many that our existence on earth has a spiritual connotation. Only those who feed their spiritual part with gratitude, forgiveness and due service and practice such in their daily lives will see the full benefits of their health goals. Read the scriptures or spiritual motivational writings, pray and meditate daily to renew your inner spirit and give strength to the physical. Your sub-conscious mind has the full ability to heal you, strengthen you and give you hope in a life where all may seem lost and wicked.



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