This is how Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) operates

SSNIT office
SSNIT office

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has a decentralized operational system made up of the Area, Branch, Day Offices and an Agency. An Operations Coordinator at the Head Office co-ordinates all operational activities and reports to the General Manager, Operations.

There are eight (8) Area Offices, fifty-one (51) Branches, twenty-three (23) Day Offices and an Agency spread throughout the country.



The Branch activities include:

1. Registration of employers and employees

2. Collection and management of data on employers and employees

3. Inspection of establishments and collection of contributions

4. Distribution of contributor’s statement of accounts

5. Assembling, processing and vetting of claim documents as well as payment of benefits

6. Processing Student Loan Repayment

7. Public Education on SSNIT Operations

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1. The Area Offices exercise supervision over the Branches and carry out the following activities:

2. Co-ordinate operational activities between the Branches and Operations Coordinator at the Head Office

3. Institute legal action against defaulting employers

4. Collate accounting returns and reports from the Branches under them.

5. Organize Public Education on SSNIT Operations


1. To provide input into the formulation of policies to improve operations and assists to implement them.

2. To assist in the preparation of Divisional action plans.

3. To assist in developing and implementing service designs which will satisfy customers.

4. Evaluates and analyses reports from the various sections of the Operations Division and makes appropriate recommendations
Collects, collates and analyses periodic Operations Reports for the  Board of Trustees.

5. Monitors compliance with the Social Security Act by employers and employees.



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