Tollbooths Saga: NPP eating back their vomit – Jerry Amedzro


North Tongu Constituency Deputy Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Jerry John Amedzro says, throwing away the baby with the bath water, a lazy man’s approach to governance is the case of Ghana’s tollbooths under president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government.

He explained that, governance is no child’s play, it involves taking critical and sometimes very unpopular decisions that, you know will benefit the nation going forward.

In a statement, Jerry John Amedzro indicated that, a government that throws its hands in despair in times of difficulties and only takes the easy way out is not worth keeping because their end effect will be hardships,high levels of poverty and despondency.


“In fact populism, rhetoric  and slogans do not govern a country, real programs policies, critical thinking and taking of tough decisions does.”

“When a government decides not to work hard but rely on slogans and populism,the citizens always bear the brunt.”

“A mother who throws away the small water in the pot just because the clouds are gathering is certainly not cut out for any home management award. Same can be said about Ghana’s road minster Hon Amoako ATTA and by extension the Akuffo Addo Bawumia government.”

“As reader can remember, just as the budget statement for the year 2022 was presented to parliament in November 2021 , the road minister couldn’t even wait for it’s approval before scrapping the road tolls that I understand gives us 78 million Ghana cedis per year because in his opinion, there will be an E-Levy that will make up for the shortfalls.”

“Without knowing how the nation is going to respond to that thievery of tax, they went ahead immediately to stop the collection of the the toll amidst admonitions from well meaning Ghanaians including the minority in parliament, the speaker of parliament, and even CSOs.”

“The insensitive aspects of the whole thing is the fact that, the toll collectors who mainly are people living with disabilities were sent home with anything and the promise of paying their arears and further re-engaged them never materialized”

“They arrogantly call the bluff of Ghanaians with the lame excuses that, the collection of the toll is causing constant congestion on the roads and that, the congestion is further resulting into pollution of the environment.”

“Another weird part of the excuses was that,  the collection is bringing about fisticuffs around the tollbooths, as to when they realized all these, only God knows.”

“Checks by some media house proved clearly that those reasons provided for the cancellation of the collection of the tolls were just lies from the pit of hell”

“Unfortunately, that has always been their trade of stock,they defend everything with all the strength they can garner without even crediting Ghanaians with some intelligence. It was shocking but it’s not to be expected, because they are experts in eating back their vomits.”


According to Jerry John Amedzro, Not long ago, this same government took a populace action by reducing the benchmark values with pop and pageantry with all the warning from the minority only for them to reverse same in a short possible time because it was not yielding the needed results.

“Just some few months ago, E-Levy was supposed to be the solution to all our problems and all Ghanaians can testify, that has also been a failure. The intransigence of this government is legendary and it is causing everyone at the end but, they won’t listen.”

“The announcement in the mid year budget that they will be tolling new road again, which is a mark of eating back ones own vomits, begs a lot of questions which demands  a lot of genuine answers.

Where are the new roads in the country? We were told that, spot improvement on the old road were also new roads  so, are we not subtly reintroducing the scrapped tolls on all road per what we were told new roads are? I don’t have any problem with that anyways, but for the insincerity that comes with it

“Has the pollutions stopped at the booths now, and what account for that? magic ? Is it the case that, automatically the new announcement takes away the pollutions? Have different lanes been added to our roads, reasons there won’t be congestion at the tollbooths anymore? What about the fisticuffs, has the angel of NPP came back to tell them it won’t happen again?  You see, lying has become this government’s number one priority and survival, they don’t care how others will feel about their lies anymore.”

“In other jurisdictions where laws work ,where  laws are interpreted independently without interference from any quarters, where known party apparatchiks are not appointed as judges, the minister in charge of roads will be a candidate of jail by now. This government must credit Ghanaians with some modicum of wisdom and respect and apologize for their warped decision taken so far.”

“This has become important because, when it matters most, they ignored all voices of wisdom so, they must as a matter of urgency apologize and bring the country along with them in this critical time, until they complete their already sold out time left for them to exit for the nation’s builder to resume his reign with the approval of the good people of Ghana who has seen through the two regimes. Enough of the clueless.” Jerry John Amedzro explained.



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