Top 10 Most visited Countries in Africa

Countries across the world take pride in the number of tourists they receive from different countries every year. These visits go a long way to show how much a country is known and regarded on the international level.

Also, the tourists and visitors add to the country’s economy because of the monies paid and spent during such vacations.

Most countries in Africa therefore spend colossal amounts of money in working on and improving their tourism sector to ensure the best output.


In Africa, where most countries are classified as developing, tourism is beneficial and highly regarded as a means of expanding a country’s economy.

Below is a compilation of 10 of the Most Visited Countries in Africa according to the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Development Index in 2022.

These countries have beautiful capital cities and fascinating places of visit for tourists.

Top 10 Most visited Countries in Africa

1. Egypt

2. Mauritius

3. South Africa

4. Morocco

5. Botswana

6. Kenya

7. Tunisia

8. Tanzania

9.  Cape Verde

10. Namibia




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