Tribute to a true Patriot; Captain Rtd. Kojo Tsikata

Captain Rtd Kojo Tsikata
Captain Rtd Kojo Tsikata

Ghana losses a son, a father and a true patriot! Capt. (RTD.) KOJO Tsikata.

A great citizen most revered amongst them all who sacrificed in ways and manners exceptional of the Prophet Issah (Jesus)!

Never was Captain Tsikata excited of his favors of others, and the judicious acts of his that might have disfavored some sobered him in pains. A humble character never replaceable.


Captain (RTD.) Kojo Tsikata was a natural human being literally devoid of filth, greed and jealousy.

He was a father, our father, my father, and I mourn as many do so deeply of his passing, that I don’t need or have tears to cry, because that is what he would have told us. Hold it up and keep the faith!

This good man, like many before and live after him naturally lived humans, is bound for the best of the heavens. So we pray!

We mostly have lost properties, they are materials and reclaimable, lost families and friends, good ones but this lost from this distance at this time is especially painful to me.

If I could, I would have done better in grieving his passing.

I hope our last days remained with him till his passing because he still lives in my sincerity, character and conduct.

This tribute may not be what many might have seen of “The Captain,” “The Oldman” or whatever names some may have preferred to call him, but he was and remains amongst the topmost patriotic Ghanaian citizens of all times in the independent Ghana as in Africa.


What again Sir, can I say or do? Again “Sir! The lights are out.” “It is good for you to go home.”

Again Sir, as I will expect, you have put on an alternative light, so just to continue working while all your subordinates are enjoying their leisure time as you should have. However, this time it is the last calling Sir, that your lights are similar to what Jesus Christ used to eternity.

I know you don’t know how much most of us loved and missed you, as we do know you much loved us that we fearfully know.


Rest In Perfect Peace man of consequences!

Your life and passing is the fulfillment of a prophecy! One of accountability and probity; selflessness and love for country.

I wish Ghana and Ghanaians know this hidden Saint crucified severally for his message to his people! Perhaps some Africans even know him better as a gentleman.

To us, if you live natural, you live in Islam!! Fare thee well!

Innaa Lillahi Waa Innaa Illaihi Rajuon!!!



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