UEW students call on authorities to address challenges in assessing results and certificates

University of Education, Winneba (UEW)
University of Education, Winneba (UEW)

UEW students facing challenges in assessing results and Certificates

The Student Counselors Executive of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has called on the authorities of the University to expedite their action on finding a lasting solution to the delay in assessing their results among others.

Two (2) of the Student Counselors Executives, Joseph Kuusogre (President) and Jerry Akporhor in a statement have publicized what students went through since their admission year.


Some group of students of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) have poured their plight since their admission year, 2019 to date, 2023.

In their submissions, it was detailed that they applied for a 2-year post-diploma programme in a course dubbed Counseling Psychology through Sandwich but their admission was delayed.


Talking about admission, they said their admission was delayed but no one communicated the reasons behind the delay to them. They were admitted in July 2020 since 2019.

Fast forward, their sessions commenced. They did their 1st and 2nd sessions for Level 100 in the same year, 2020. All this while, they faced course registration problems also.


Per the programme schedule and it been a 2-year post-diploma programme, it means they have to complete the programme in 2021 and await graduation but they only did the 3rd session the whole year.

In the next year, July 2022, they finally completed the last session for the 2-year post-diploma programme, Counseling and Psychology.


However, for all this pull and push brouhaha, the challenges on board have not been addressed amicably. The said group of students does not know to date when they will graduate (the 26th graduation).

The said group of students disclosed that they are home for eight (8) months now (since the day they completed their coursework).


The traumatized aspect of the whole issue is that students are in a quandary -when they will graduate, access their results, and lay hands on their transcripts in order to move ahead with their life.


Another aspect of their submission on UEW’s inability to address challenges in assessing results and Certificates is the trouble in getting their student numbers.

The students said the University eventually gave them their student numbers but till date they have not received their student ID cards which was a paid service the University enrolled.

Further, they added that a percentage of their year batch has not received their admission letters (the PDF format copy of a letter). They only received email alerts and text messages to signify them on getting admission instead of the cultural sending of PDF copies.


Due to the delay and all the traumatic acts of UEW, it has affected seeking for scholarship because the Schemes need their transcripts to decode what the University has written about them and their academic success and passage before being offered a scholarship.

The delay has caused some of the colleagues to lose opportunities on scholarships.

On the other edge, the delay has hindered promotions and further studies. Since certificates warrant all of them, they can’t undertake any of them as of now.


Students of UEW are calling on the relevant authorities to address the stone age issue of facing challenges in delay in admission, getting admission letters, getting student’s ID cards, registering for/of courses, accessing results, giving of transcripts, and disclosing graduation date.

Tackling their (UEW) problems will hoist the image of the University higher than the negative issues engulfing the management.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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