UK government imposes sanctions on Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich
Roman Abramovich

Government of the United Kingdom (UK) has impossed sanctions on Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich following his declaration to sell the Club.

In a statement, the UK has directed Roman Abramovich to halt his intention and plans to sell the Club.

Following the detective, assets of Chelsea Boss Roman Abramovich have been frozen.

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The government explained, Europe will will initiate an official plans to sell the Chelsea Football Club.

Not long ago, Roman Abramovich announced the intension of selling his money tree, Chelsea FC in the midst of the Russian Ukraine war.

Fast forward, the United Kingdom (UK) government freezed and seized his assets and said unless the Chelsea owner Roman allows the UK government to take control of the process without taking anything from the bid.

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The impacts are categorised under “dos and don’t.”

In the sanctions pronounced the team can continue to play matches, receive broadcast money, and allow season tickets holders attend games.

Moreover, the sanctions will not allow Chelsea FC to buy new players, agree new contracts sell new tickets for games, sell club shop merchandise and sell club (unless Abramovich allows the UK government to take control of the process and he receives no proceeds from the sale).

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Chelsea FC can spend only an amount of money worth$26,300 on travel costs for any Chelsea team travelling for a game.

They are limited to host games at $657,000 which will include catering, security, and stewarding at the Stamford Bridge.

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The sponsors of the team’s shirt said their deal with Chelsea will be suspended temporarily. They will also take off their brand logos from both the shirts and stadium as well in due time.



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