Update on Past Akatsico Students Union (PASU) Annual General Meeting

Logo of Past Students of Akatsico Union (PASU)

Logo of Past Students of Akatsico Union (PASU)

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Update on PASU Annual General Meeting

PASU, the Union of Alumni of AKATSICO held their Annual General Meeting to highlight all issues concerning their Alma Mater and other major concerns as a body.

The Alumni body of AKATSICO held their annual general meeting in February, 2021. Initially, the AGM has to be attended earlier than but due to the delay of the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions, it was quite fairly well attended.

At the said AGM, vital decisions were taken notable which will propel the successful moving of the Alumni body “PASU”.

Below are the outcome of the AGM by PASU.

1. The body collectively agreed to have a constitutional review.

2. They will change the provision of selecting a separate representative to the College Council to become one of the functions of the Alumni President.

3. They suggested how the AGMs should be attended. They said that the AGMs should be mandatorily attended by two representatives from every year group.

4. At the meeting, it was suggested that the need has arise for them to appoint year group representatives who will be admitted to a National Executive Committee platform for the discussion of issues which the Representatives can in turn disseminate more effectively on their group platforms.


The National Executive Committee outlined some plans to enhance the development of the college.


1. The establishment of a campus radio to facilitate certain campus activities including campus announcements, entertainment, and most important of all, giving lectures.

2. They will establish a credit Union for the college community to help resolve certain financial constraints of members.

3. Completion of work on the PASU bungalow for presentation to the college at the 60th anniversary celebrations.


The 2001 Year Group was the first to have an exciting event two decades (20 years) after their graduation.

They said Alumni group presented a multi purpose state of the arts printer and a desktop computer to the College.

Next was the 2002 Year Group who also followed suit in August this year to also have their maiden homecoming.

They also presented the college with ten (10) beautiful garden benches.

The Great Grandees of AKATSICO, the 1974 Year Group also had their first reunion meeting in Ho March 2022.

The meeting was an all mixed meeting because, that was the very first kind to happen since they graduated from College.

The Year group stormed the meeting with dose of excitement and seeing themselves again more than fifty three (53) years after leaving college.

One of the remarkable joy was that none of them came to the meeting with a walking stick nor clutches which also mean that they are fit and leaving a sound life.

In attendance was PASU NEC. They represented to brief the Alumni of the activities.


A two (2) member Audit team was set up at the AGM to scrutinize the books of the Union.


The past Audit Team took all documents pertaining to the income and expenditure of the union and for more than a year but have failed to execute their mandate.

However, enquiries revealed that one, Mr Nditsi Wonder for unknown reasons has refused to return the books.

The Union tried all appeals and calls were unheeded. This has painfully stalled work on the project.

The working constitution of PASU provides that:

an audit of the accounts of the union must be done after AGM before any further expenditure can be made.

Due to the act of the Audit Team, their projects can not be completed unless the issues are resolved.


PASU in collaboration with an NGO, Clean Air One Atmosphere came to install a sensor to be monitored by students of the college. This was to engender collaboration with international student groups from other institutions of higher learning.

Unfortunately, the college Management denied PASU the access to use the college WiFi.

Dose of efforts were tried by the Director but all proved futile. There was no other way the sensor could function so the project was called off.

The use of the WiFi was the only commitment required from the college.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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