USAG President accused for misappropriating funds and absconding

Ntsiful Anderson
Ntsiful Anderson

The University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG) has accused its President, Dr. Christian Ntsiful Anderson, of embezzlement and has raised concerns about his alleged mismanagement of the Association’s funds.

In an official statement, USAG revealed that Dr. Anderson had violated the Association’s constitution by assigning his sister, who holds a non-executive role, to collect dues on behalf of USAG. Regrettably, all attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful.

The statement issued by USAG reads, “We wish to bring to the attention of the entire university community and the public that the President of USAG, Dr. Christian Ntsiful Anderson, is allegedly involved in financial irregularities, including the unauthorized collection of funds, unapproved disbursement of these funds, hoarding of association funds, and ultimately, absconding with these funds.”

The statement continued, highlighting another breach of Article 33, Clause 2(a) of the USAG constitution, “To compound the issue, the President inappropriately instructed his sister, who is not an executive member, to collect dues and capitation fees paid by member institutions at the congress grounds. This blatant disregard for the USAG constitution by the President is deeply concerning.”

The statement indicated that Dr. Anderson has failed to engage with the executive body to provide an account of the finances. “Additionally, President Dr. Christian Ntsiful Anderson has not cooperated with the executive body regarding the administration’s finances and the recently concluded congress in any official meeting.

Efforts to reach the President have proven futile, as he has deliberately chosen not to respond to calls. He has evaded meetings with the entire executive body since the conclusion of the congress,” the release stated.

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