V/R: School bus conveying foodstuffs from buffer stock involved in terrible accident

Anlo Technical Institute’s school Bus has been involved in a terrible accident.

It was reported that, the school bus was conveying foodstuffs from the Buffer Stock depot in Sogakofe Senior High School (SOGASCO) to Anlo Technical Institute (ANTECH).

According to an eye witness, the driver of the school bus had the accident around Agotoe. The driver did hit and run at Dabala Junction in the South Tongu District and injured two people.

At Agotoe, the driver crashed into a stationary cargo truck with “koklomi fertilizer” and the bus fell into the gutter causing great damage to both humans and the foodstuffs he was conveying to Anlo Technical Institute (ANTECH).


However, the 2 injured people have been rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Individuals are of the view that, there is a need for buffer stock depot in Anloga for ANTECH, ZICO, ANSECO, KETABUSCO, and KETASCO in order to curb such happening again because the above listed Senior High Schools are heavily populated schools along the coast. They need a new depot instead of traveling to SOGASCO.

With a well-built depot, traveling to SOGASCO for foodstuffs will lessen the cost of fuel, save time, and further unforeseen occurrences considering the accident.


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