V/R: The Deplorable Nature of Mafi-Deveme Road (+Photos)

Filed photo of the deplorable roads
Filed photo of the deplorable roads

Mafi-Deveme is a small farming community in the Central Tongu District in the Volta Region. From Mafi-Kumase to Mafi-Deveme is about 15 kilometer long by road.

There is a big market in Mafi-Kumase which operates every Mondays and all the surrounding villages including Mafi-Deveme bring their food stuffs to the market because of its high patronage. But the current nature of the road is a major headache to the people.

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Due to the deplorable nature of the road, drivers and motorcycle operators are now charging exorbitant prices before conveying their goods to the market on Mondays.

The good people of Mafi-Deveme have organized communal labour on several occasions to get the bad road fixed in order to curb the situation of the exorbitant prices that they are been charged off.

Sadly, all these efforts of the people have not yielded any positive results and they are now calling on government support.

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According to a reliable source, the town people have made several complains through the Assemblyman to the District Chief Executive (DCE) in the person of Hon. Thomas Moore Zonyra and the Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Alexandra Gabby Hottordze but the situation has not been attended to since.

The good people of Mafi-Deveme are calling on all stakeholders to get their road fixed.

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According to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government, 2020-2021 is a year of roads, hence the need to fix the roads for the people of Mafi-Deveme.

“We are in the year of roads and fixing about 5 kilometer road should not be a problem for the government.” Concern Citizens of Mafi-Deveme told Coverghana.com.gh

See some photos below.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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