VIDEO: Actress Matilda Asare insists that Ghana’s System is working

Actress Matilda Asare
Actress Matilda Asare

Kumawood Actress Matilda Asare says there is nothing that is damages in Ghana which needs to be fixed.

According to the renowned actress, the system in Ghana is working very well and there is nothing to be fixed by the Government.

Ghanaians descend on Matilda Asare for saying there is nothing to fix in the country


Personally, I see there is nothing wrong in this country that needs fixing. Everything is okay and everything is working.

There are many laws in the country that are working unless the law does not catch-up with you, so if you have something in particular that you want the President to fix, you have to name it.

You can’t just be saying fixTheCountry fixTheCountry. We are not fighting in this country, student are going to school, doctors are not on strike, teachers are not on strike, nurses are not on strike.

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