VIDEO: How Bullion van robbery suspect bids farewell to Emmanuel Osei at his funeral


A trending video intercepted by has seen one Reindorf Gyimah Ansah, a bullion van robbery suspect biding farewell to Emmanuel Osei at his funeral.

According to sources, the video shows how some of the guys involved the Murder of Emmanuel  Osei performed and bid farewell to him at his funeral.

It’s unclear how someone who reportedly shot a colleague officer dead while escorting bullion van could be happily biding him a farewell at his final funeral rite.

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It could be recalled that few months ago, the Ghana Police Service announced the Bullion Van robberies that occurred in the Greater Accra region, Ghana.

It was alleged that a police officer nicknamed Pablo was the leader and member of the escapade that happened in Accra.

In one of the robberies, the police officer Emmanuel Osei, an escort on duty in the Bullion Van was shot dead supposed armed robbers.

Not long after incidence, the deceased Reindorf Gyimah, who was shot in another bullion van robbery took to his Facebook page to share sad moments with Emmanuel Osei who he reportedly has a hand in his murderer.

The subsequent posts from Constable Reindorf Gyimah could be said to have a correlation with the bullion van robbery and the death of his intimate friend and a Police officer Emmanuel Osei.

In a carried out intelligence-led raid at the hideout of the gang connected with the investigation into the bullion van robberies in Borteyman near Ashaiman, gunshots were exchanged which led to the death of two (2) policemen in connection to the robberies.

The officers in connection to the incidence were pronounced dead after rushing to save their life in the police hospital.

Since Constable Reindorf Gyimah was arrested in connection to the robberies and later shot dead, it might be sensed that he had filthy hands in the death of the Bullion Van escort, Emmanuel Osei (also deceased) due to his social media reactions and interactions during the era of the robberies.

Meanwhile, further investigations have led to the arrest of five other suspects, four of whom are policemen.

The policemen involved have been interdicted and all the suspects are;

1. No. 58370 Const. Affisu Yaro lbrahim

2. No 58355 Const. Richard Boadu

3. No. 58525 Const Rabiu

4. No. 58586 Const Albert Ofosu

5.  Razak Alhassan (a civilian)

The Ghana Police Service promised, public of their determination to continue to take the fight to criminals to ensure the safety and security of all persons.

“We urge anyone with relevant information to contact the nearest police station We can win this fight if we work together”




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